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Logging in to the game server

The server connecting screen

Pressing "connect to internet server" will take you to the server connection screen. In this screen you will see a login box with three lines:


Your player name for your account

In the second line »Login:« you have to enter your desired player name. In the picture above this is Mister Kill. A maximum of 16 characters is set for your player name. Player names are case sensitive. So it makes a difference, if you login as killah or Killah.

The password for your player name account

The third line is the password line. Enter your desired password here. BEWARE! There is NO WAY OF RETREIVING a lost password so write it down! Also be sure not to use any valuable passwords with this service, as they are only saved as a plain MD5-hash. Techniques such as salt are not being used!

Player names are only protected by this password. For each player name there is also an elo-score, which is used to create a ranking. So essentially, it's in your own interest, to not give others the opportunity to play in your name, if you take an interest in this ranking system. On the public server, you can find the current ranking of the #Offical_server here:

The Auto-login box

Leave the autologin box emty. If you have autologin turned on, you can't change your name or the server-adress, unless you disable this first. Do this in the ufo2000.ini file in the ufo2000 game folder.

Connecting to the server

To login to the server press OK!

Official server

The first is the server location line. It should say: if you want to login to the official UFO2000 game server. All players should log into this server, if available.

If you receive this message:


it may be the case that the official server can't be reached currently. There might also be back-up servers which you can play on.

Backup Servers

Change the first line of the login box to one of the following servers:

to play on the back-up server. If you wanna setup your own server (for private use or as backup server for the community) have a look at Setting up an UFO2000 server.

Third Party chat program

There's also a third party software, that enables you, to be on the server for chatting, even during a match, called UTTO.