Shelter (Chimera)

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Agent Shelter
Agent Shelter
Traits Psionics, Ally buffs, Mental attacks
Weapon SMG
Shelter’s psionic abilities are more destructive and powerful than those of many Sectoids. However, he prefers to channel them into being a better guardian than killer.

"I can't be your weapon. But I will be your shield." -Shelter

Shelter is a human psion and a playable agent in XCOM: Chimera Squad.

Shelter has psionic abilities more focused on support and buffing allies, contrasting with Verge's more aggressive psionic abilities. His Relocate ability is also able to help the squad rapidly change positions and can be combined with Torque's Tongue Pull to great effect.


Health Mobility Aim Will Dodge Crit Psi
7 10 65 50 0 0 50


Rank Ability
Cadet Relocate
Shelter psionically swaps positions with the targeted ally or enemy. Does not end the turn.
Deputy Agent Dazzle
Shelter fires a psionic blast while breaching, targeting one enemy but affecting all others near the target. Enemies affected by Dazzle are disoriented, with the targeted enemy being affected for an extra turn. One use per mission.
Field Agent Temporal Shift
Enemies that have been Relocated will have their next turn delayed.
Distortion Field
Relocated allies, as well as Shelter himself, will gain +50 Defense until their next turn.
Special Agent Soulfire
Shelter fires a psionic blast at an organic enemy which delays their next turn. Does guaranteed damage and bypasses armor and cover. 2 turn cooldown.
Senior Agent Solace
Shelter gains an aura that extinguishes or blocks mental effects for himself and nearby allies.
Soul Storm
Soulfire heals Shelter for half the damage it inflicts.
Principal Agent Fracture
Shelter creates a psionic clone of himself that can use Relocate and Soulfire. One use per mission.
Training (Special Agent) Unlock Potential

+2 mobility.

Training (Principal Agent) Writhe

A melee attack that deals 3-4 damage, healing Shelter by the amount of damage caused. Can be used by Fracture clone. 4 turn cooldown.

Tactical Advice

  • While not shown in the turn order, the Fracture clone shares its initiative with Shelter and take its turn immediately after he does.
  • The Fracture clone benefits from whatever Armor Mods Shelter has equipped. Bubble Weave and Regen Weave will enhance its survivability and let it remain active longer.
  • Temporal Shift applies to the clone's Relocate as well, so an enemy Relocated by both Shelter and the clone will suffer an additional delay in its turn.


Shelter was separated from his family during the war and sent to a resettlement camp. When he showed signs of psionic potential, he was taken from the camp to an ADVENT research facility for human-born psions, where they forced him to use his abilities to harm others. He ultimately fled their control and joined X-COM.