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The Shogun is the MEC variant of the Engineer and Medic classes.

Primary Weapon: MEC Primary Weapons
Secondary Weapon: MEC Secondary Weapon Systems
Class-Limited items: MEC Equipment items
Attribute Growth: Aim x2, HP x2.


Rank Ability
Collateral Damage
Collateral Damage
Use a full ammo clip to destroy some cover and deal 15% weapon damage per ammo in a 5 tile radius. Costs 1 AP. 3 turn cooldown. Grants Lock N' Load.
Lock N' Load
Lock N' Load
Reloading any weapon costs only 1 AP. Dashing automatically reloads the active weapon.
Lance Corporal
Grants immunity to critical hits. Injury and fatigue times are reduced by 20%.
Hit and Run
Hit and Run
The first non-reaction shot taken at a target that was damaged, suppressed, or disoriented this turn deals +2/2/4/4/6 crit damage (based on active weapon tier) and will leave this unit with 1 AP, but prevents the use of non-mobility actions until this unit reaches 0 AP. Grants +0.6 mobility.
Using a destructive grenade deals +1 damage and costs only 1 AP. Equipped destructive grenades receive an additional use. Makes destructive grenades and launchers weightless.
Absorption Fields
Absorption Fields
Advanced shielding grants +30% DR. Shots from beam weapons (laser/pulse/drone/cyberdisc) lose half of their penetration when targeting this unit.
Vital Point Targeting
Vital Point Targeting
Steadied shots, reaction shots, or shots at targets not protected by cover deal 30% more damage when hitting humans or autopsied biological aliens.
Jetboot Module
Jetboot Module
When activated, grants +4.0 mobility and the ability to jump to normally inaccessible heights for the rest of the turn. 2 turn cooldown. Does not break hidden abilities (Cloaking, Shadow, Concealment, Stealth, or Ghosting).
Explosives deal +1 damage and double environmental damage. Grants +30% throw range.
Repair Servos
Repair Servos
Repairs damage sustained in battle: When damaged, gain servos equal to 45% of the damage sustained. Each servo can heal 1 HP. At end of turn, use half the servos available (minimum 1, if available).
Bull Rush
Grants +25 aim and crit if shooting at 2AP or against a target on overwatch (double if both).
Tech Sergeant
Equipped medikits, grenades, and mists receive an additional use. Grants +1 ammo to non-arc primary weapons. Grants +1 HP to healing from Restorative Mists.
Gunnery Sergeant
Collateral Damage deals 20% more damage and has its cooldown reduced by 1 turn.
Regen Biofield
Grants +3 armor HP and %DR equal to half of the %HP lost.
Explosives critically hit exposed targets, dealing 150% damage.
Master Sergeant
Snap Shot
Shooting will not trigger reaction fire. If this unit has not moved this turn, shots gain a 20% chance to cost 0 AP.
Extra Conditioning
Extra Conditioning
Grants +3 armor HP, +0.6 mobility, 10% throw range, and a 10% chance for all end-in-idle actions to cost 0 AP.

Tactical Advice

Fitting its name, the Shogun ("Warlord") is - like the Engineer - a specialist in battlefield control, destroying enemy cover using their signature Collateral Damage ability (and potentially grenades), while creating space as a tank or navigating through occupied space as a Hit and Run shooter. He is capable of causing significant amounts of damage in large radius, outmatching anything Engineer and Medic bio classes are capable of. This is perhaps single most unique advantage that Shogun brings to the team; Collateral Damage is one of the best counter to flying units in the game. It destroys targets on ground as well, but damage will be reduced by cover DR. If you manage to destroy cover, rest of the squad can pick up aliens with easy critical hits.

Shoguns have another strength in solid utility from equipment, with Packmaster giving them more uses of Restorative Mist and explosives. This makes them quite versatile overall, much like the classes they're augmented from. In a sense, well built Shogun is all-in-one Engineer, Medic and Rocketeer package.

Sample Builds

Tank Shogun

Tank Shoguns are effective tanks that can occasionally deal tons of damage. In Absorption Fields, Repair Servos, Grit, Extra Conditioning, and potentially Fortified, the Shogun has almost every tank perk it could ask for. Damage is done by using Hit and Run shot or Collateral Damage, after which you can enter One for All. Both of these abilities are somewhat conditional, so potentially Shogun might have to spend an action going into OFA. That is often the cause with other MEC as well, so its not an issue. As a tank, Goliath is potentially more durable, but then he lacks utility and offensive that Shogun offers.

Sample Tank Build: Fortified or Hit and Run -> Absorption Fields -> Repair Servos -> Packmaster -> Gattler or Grit -> Extra Conditioning

Recommended Equipment: Restorative Mist, Heavy MEC Suit, Survivability-increasers, Ammo-increasers, Damage-increasers


  • A heavy MEC suit is recommended considering the point of this build is to take enemy fire.
  • Most MEC equipment isn't as useful for this build as Shoguns have no shortcuts for entering One for All. Restorative Mist and Grenade Launchers work well with Packmaster.
    • Fortified opens up flexibility somewhat as the crit immunity makes you safer while not in One for All; in this case, take whichever other equipment is preferred.
  • Unlike most other builds, the LCPL perk is actually the flexible one for a Tank Shogun.
    • Fortified is as simple as it gets, making you tankier, especially outside of One for All.
    • Hit and Run can be used to take a shot at something before activating One for All, giving this build much more of an offensive presence.
  • If you have an Engineer on hand to keep the Shogun topped off anyways, taking Gattler over Grit at GSGT may give your Shogun some extra teeth while not being that much less tanky.
  • An officer can be used to make up for this build's lack of action economy at times, letting it use offensive actions before being commanded to use One for All.
  • Shogun likely always wants to bring Heavy Mags to maximize its Collateral Damage ability.

Hit and Run (Shooter) Shogun

Hit and Run Shoguns (that specialize in shooting) act a lot like their scout equivalent, taking high damage shots at an enemy before ducking out of sight afterwards. With the high mobility of a light MEC suit and the accuracy of Bullseye, this build is safe and consistent in what it does, although its damage may feel lacking at times (compared to options like Jaeger). Unlike Jaeger, Shogun can move out of danger, or towards better position to either do more damage or help the squad with his utilities. He also has built in Lock 'n Load and lots of flexibility if he picks Bullseye as well.

At CPL perk there is important choice to be made: Vital Point Targeting is significant boost to the build's damage, while Jetboot Module sacrifices that aspect for movement flexibility. This is valid choice because Shogun can always deal large amount of damage by using Collateral Damage. Extra mobility helps both his damage and utility aspect. Shogun is exceptional user of both Restorative Mist and Grenade Launchers for AOE damage and thus can fulfill more than one role in the squad.

Sample Shooter Build: Hit and Run -> Vital Point Targeting or Jetboot Module -> Bullseye -> Packmaster -> Gattler or Grit -> Snapshot or Extra Conditioning

Recommended Equipment: Any MEC Equipment, Light MEC Suit, Damage-increasers, Aim-increasers, Ammo-increasers


  • A light MEC suit is recommended to leverage the high mobility of Hit and Run.
  • As this build focuses primarily on direct shooting each turn, most MEC equipment will be reserved for situational use, so pick whichever suits your needs.
  • A few ranks have varied perk choices:
    • At CPL, Vital Point Targeting is a significant damage amp against biologicals, while Jetboot Module lets you push the high mobility of Hit and Run even further.
    • At GSGT, Gattler is likely the default choice as it gives you a potent AoE attack that can come in handy against swarms or hard to hit enemies, but Grit is completely passive and may occasionally save your life.
    • At MSGT, Snapshot pairs well with Bullseye and adds some extra crit chance as a bonus, while Extra Conditioning gives you even more mobility and a free action chance that works well with Hit and Run and Collateral Damage constantly giving you opportunities to get one.

Grenadier Shogun

Grenadier Shoguns act like mortars, being pretty easy to take down, but highly effective when set up in a safe position, raining down fire from afar. They have much more range than Goliaths, but a bit less grenade damage. Additionally, their grenadier perks are conflicting with tanking perks. Still when Collateral Damage comes online, Shogun will most likely seriously outmatch Goliath in damage dealing aspect. Due to Packmaster, Shogun will have an extra grenade and with Restorative Mist he is strong source of healing for the squad. Once out of grenades and heals this build will suffer, so some consideration should be taken to maximize the damage of explosives. If you are concerned about that aspect, Gattler will decrease cooldown on Collateral Damage which will keep Shogun relevant on very long missions as well.

Sample Grenadier Build: Grenadier -> Jetboot Module -> Sapper -> Packmaster -> Gattler or Fragmentation -> Extra Conditioning

Recommended Equipment: Grenade Launcher, Gravity Mines, Any MEC Suit, Ammo-increasers, Damage-increasers (AP ammo)


  • Either MEC suit can work decently for this build; light MEC suits make it easier to get into position, while heavy MEC suits protect you more when already in position and are more useful overall once out of explosives.
  • At GSGT, Fragmentation is the default choice that makes your explosives better against most biological enemies, but Gattler upgrades your Collateral Damage to serve as an effective backup for when out of explosives or movement is required.
  • AP ammo affects Collateral Damage as well, making it (and the Gauss weapon it requires) a significant damage increase, especially through cover.
  • Heavy Mags is recommended item to increase Collateral Damage effectiveness.

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