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Project Rictus Results
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Having reviewed a number of reports from our soldiers deployed on past combat missions, we felt it was necessary to address their concerns regarding the need for a powered-ascent mechanism to scale objects in the field. With that goal in mind, this medium-density armor was developed using the alien alloys to reduce weight wherever possible. Despite the reduction in overall plate thickness, the protective qualities of this armor have been maintained through the use of a multilayered composite lining within the suit. The integration of a pneumatic grapple unit provides our troops with the ability to scale objects for a tactical height advantage when needed. The micro-servomotors utilized by this system also augment the reflexes of anyone wearing the suit, improving the odds that the operator will avoid incoming enemy fire, while also increasing the available movement range.

Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012) Research Archives

Skeleton Suit

The Skeleton Suit is our first attempt at combining medium-weight body armor with an integrated grappling hook for scaling objects in the field.

  • Medium armor
  • Provides a small bonus to Defense
  • Wearer's movement distance is increased
Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)


Skeleton deco 1.jpg
Research Required Skeleton Suit
Base Costs §30
10 Alloys
15 Engineers
Health +3
Defense +10
Movement +3
Abilities Grapple
  • This armor provides an increase in overall maneuverability across the board. The grapple allows a unit to scale any height from several tiles away and the armor provides an innate increase in a unit's running movement. This can help snipers achieve a highly advantageous position quickly.
  • Coupled with a Support's +3 movement perk, Skeleton Suit allows the Support class to move up to 15 tiles in one movement or 30 with a dash; this is absolutely amazing for saving civilians on Terror Missions. You can also use Combat Stims for an additional +3 movement for 18/36 tiles respectively.
  • A sniper with this suit can wear a Nano-Fiber Vest to make up for the HP loss for not wearing Carapace Armor and for being a Sniper.
  • The bonus movement, the increased Mobility from the grapple, the bonus Defense, the bonus HP and the relative cheapness in producing it is going to make the Skeleton Suit your go-to armor for a good portion of the game.
  • Research benefits from the following Research Credits: Basic Armor Technology, Armor Technology.
  • The Extra Conditioning ability gives +2 HPs when wearing this armor.

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