Skirmishers (XCOM 2)

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The Skirmishers are one of the three new Resistance Factions from XCOM2's expansion, War of the Chosen. Led by Betos, the first of their number to be freed, the Skirmishers are a faction of rogue ADVENT soldiers who have removed the chip connecting them to ADVENT's Psionic network, and now seek to similarly liberate their brothers and sisters from the "false gods." Wielding a variety of close-range weapons, such as a unique grapple gauntlet and the Bullpup rifle, they excel at devastating hit-and-run attacks on the battlefield, and can use their knowledge of ADVENT's inner workings to support XCOM's covert operations.



Primary Weapon Damage Critical Chance Range Mod Slots
Kal-7 Bullpup 3-4 0 Medium 1
Kal-15 Bullpup 4-5 0 Medium 2
Kal-48 Bullpup 6-7 0 Medium 2
Secondary Weapon Damage Critical Chance Range
Ripjack 3-4 0 Melee
Ionic Ripjack 4-5 0 Melee
Fusion Ripjack 6-7 0 Melee


Specialization Hussar Judge Tactician
Corporal (XCOM 2).png
Shots are not turn ending, allowing for shooting and moving or shooting twice in a turn.
Use the Grapple to pull a humanoid unit to you and deliver a ripjack strike. 4 turn cooldown.
Deploy a grappling hook to move quickly to an elevated position. .
Sergeant (XCOM 2).png
When fired upon, gain one extra action on the next turn. Triggers once per mission.
Total Combat
Throwing a grenade or using an item no longer ends the turn.
Corporal (XCOM 2).png
Use the Grapple to pull yourself to an enemy and deliver a ripjack strike. 4 turn cooldown.
Zero In
Subsequent shots on the same turn provide +10 critical chance. If against the same target, they also grant +10 hit chance.
Sergeant (XCOM 2).png
Attack an enemy with an electrical lash. This attack does not cost an action. 1 charge per mission.
(Deals additional damage against robotic enemies.)
Full Throttle Gain +2 mobility for every kill this turn.
Lieutenant (XCOM 2).png
Combat Presence
Grant an additional action to a squadmate.
Free ripjack strikes on any enemies that enter or attack from melee range.
A powerful form of Overwatch. Instead of firing automatically, perform any single action. 1 charge per mission.
Captain (XCOM 2).png
When entering Overwatch, you can take as many shots as you have remaining actions.
Unlocks the Ripjack Slash attack. 5 turn cooldown.
Major (XCOM 2).png
Manual Override
Lower all ability cooldowns by 1. Does not end the turn.
Overwatch does not count as an attack.
Battlelord - After each enemy in line of sight takes an action, take an immediate action. 1 charge per mission. Lasts 1 turn.
When targeted by an attack, the enemy has a chance to panic.

Resistance Orders

Skirmisher Resistance Orders offer a variety of bonuses designed to aid XCOM's infrastructure and hinder ADVENT forces, both on and off the battlefield.

Resistance Order Effect
Bomb Squad Experimental Grenade and Heavy Weapon projects are completed instantly in the Proving Ground.
Decoys and Deceptions All knowledge gained by the Chosen is reduced by 33%.
Double Agent On every mission, there is a chance an ADVENT unit will join the XCOM squad.
(Randomly chosen from any of the following: Trooper, Officer, Stun Lancer, Shieldbearer, Purifier, or Priest.)
Impact Modelling The speed of all armor research is increased by 15%.
Information War The Tech defense of all enemies and hack targets is reduced by 20.
Inside Job I All Intel rewards increased by 10%.
Inside Job II All Intel rewards increased by 15%.
Inside Knowledge The effect of all weapon modifications is increased.
Integrated Warfare All PCS effects are increased.
Modular Construction Facility construction speed is increased by 25%.
Private Channel All mission timers are increased by 2 turns.
Quid Pro Quo Black Market Intel costs are reduced by 33%.
Sabotage Remove one block of Avatar Project progress at the end of each month.
Tactical Analysis Enemy units lose 1 action on their next turn if discovered on the XCOM turn.
Vulture Enemies drop additional loot items.
Weak Points Any shredding attack from XCOM does an additional +1 shred to the target.