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The slum dwellings located outside the city boundaries are the remnants of an old civilization. They are still heavily populated and used by gangsters and political groups as a base of support. They are dangerous places which are difficult to attack with ground forces. There is always the prospect of finding Psiclone or Elerium during a successful raid.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia



  • Angel Heart Heights
  • Bakunin Block
  • Borstal Block
  • Campesino Apartments
  • Chronos Block
  • Civic Project
  • Dickens Estate
  • George Orwell Block
  • Grey Visitor Towers
  • Grimoire Block
  • Hades Block
  • Heavenly Towers
  • Lovecraft Block
  • Maze Towers
  • Necronomicon Mansions
  • Neptune Towers
  • Oliver Twist Block
  • Saturn Block
  • Scrooge Mansions
  • Thomas More Tower
Alien Infiltration Potential: Low

Battlescape Combat

All slums are nine levels high with terrain which is diverse. Flat open areas of dirty woodland to large derelict buildings for squatters.
Aliens will move about in large loose groups unless eggs or coccoons need protection. Searching rooms can become (very tedious in Turn-Based combat) easier if a motion scanner is used. Trapping a hostile in a building by demolishing parts of it is an easy method to isolate an alien if needed for capture, or target practice if not. Splitting a hostile force into smaller groups is possible by removing walkways, floors, stairs, etc. since some units cannot jump to lower levels and attempt escape. Hit-and-run style of fighting may be a better option within areas such as grasslands (weak cover) or roads (no cover) if not using smoke. Flying and dropping bombs/gas, hiding on the roof with snipers or grenadiers, ambush with swords in a corridor is an easy method to neutralise dangerous units.
A dirty blight on the sterile city of Mega-Primus.

All slum battlescapes consist of one whole map and will be identical for each style. If using a large X-Com squad, it is possible for the map to double in size.

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