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General Information

Small scouts are tiny UFOs which are used for reconnaissance or research. They resemble classical alien saucer or a Lunar Lander on legs. They normally precede larger vessels at the start of an alien mission. They are manned by only one crew member.

Small scouts have no armament, so any craft with any weapon can shoot one down -- provided you can catch up to it to shoot it, as its top speed is better than an Interceptor and its acceleration is exceptional.

This ship appears in UFO: Enemy Unknown. For the Terror from the Deep equivalent, refer to the Survey Ship.

Additional Information

Small scouts carry only one alien. The crashed ship itself yields a single unit of Alien Alloys and nothing else. To enter it, you have to walk under it and ascend a gravlift. There's generally not much of interest in it except perhaps its single crewmember. If you cannot ascend the gravlift, then it is most likely that the ship is occupied.

Small scouts will be destroyed (not shot down) by anything more powerful than a single Stingray missile -- although even that can destroy them some of the time. Another strategy to down Small Scouts is to use the ordinary Cannon. While these will not destroy the alien craft, it can be extremely difficult to get close enough to do any damage, and even more difficult to cripple the craft before it accelerates away. Scouts may land during their mission, so another way to recover a small scout may be to follow it with a transport and wait for it to land.

The meager payload of small scouts means that you will get a higher score for destroying them than for doing a recovery -- although scout pilots always carry a Mind Probe, making a recovery financially rewarding ($400K or so) - and this cash injection can be particularly valuable early on in the game.

For the late-game, in the event that attempts to capture a Sectoid Leader or Commander was not forthcoming, the Small Scout is perhaps one of the safest means of capturing a single live Ethereal to unlock the Psi Lab. By giving it many suitable decoys, it will often wear itself out and make itself an easy target to capture.

Other Notes

  • A basic install of XcomUtil will remove the Small Scout map, preventing it from appearing in Battlescape missions. Instead only a single alien will be present.


Statistic Value
SizeVery Small
Max Speed(km)2,200
Weapon Power0
Weapon Range(km)0
Weapon Range(range units)0
Damage Capacity50
UFO Downed points50
UFO Destroyed points100

Recoverable Components

Item Sell Price Quantity Value
UFO Power Source$250,0000$0
UFO Navigation$80,0000$0
Alien Food$5,0000$0
Alien Surgery$38,0000$0
Alien Entertainment$20,0000$0
Examination Room$9,0000$0
Alien Alloys$6,5001$6,500

Also see UFO Recovery Values.

Alien Deployment

Rank Beg./Exp. Vet./Gen. Super.

Terrain Maps

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