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Snakemen, as their name suggests, are a reptilian-like alien species. They become quite a common sight on Earth after a few months of fighting during the First Alien War, after many missions of Sectoids and Floaters.

Snakemen by themselves don't pose much of a threat. They are slow and can be readily dealt with using alien weaponry such as Heavy Plasma rifles. However, Snakemen are also frequent terror agents, and are accompanied at terror sites by the fearsome Chryssalid. This association means that X-COM squads attending Snakemen terror sites should be well prepared.


TUs:               40-52
Health:            45-55
Energy:            80-97
Reactions:         45-80
Strength:          47-50
Bravery:           80
Firing Accuracy:   29-71
Throwing Accuracy: 65
Psi Skill:         N/A
Psi Strength:      40-58

Live specimen

This race developed in an extremely hostile environment. They are extremely tough and can resist extreme temperature variations.

Their mobility depends on a snake-like giant "foot" which protects all the vital organs.

Their objectives appear to be purely predatory and they appear to be under the command of some other Intelligence which directs their military-style incursions on earth.


Snakeman - Autopsy

The skin is extremely tough and heat resistant.

The cardio-vascular system is part of the muscular system which uses the hydraulic principle to create motion. The only true muscle is the "heart".

The reproductive system appears to be very efficient. Reproduction is asexual, with each snakeman carrying up to fifty eggs inside its body at any one time.

Left to its own devices this species would be a severe threat to life on earth.


The following are some miscellaneous notes on the Snakeman:

  • The Snakeman takes 0.7x damage from fire.
  • High Firing and Throwing Accuracy.
  • High Psi Strength.
  • Average Health.
  • Average Strength.
  • Is very slow (very low TUs).
  • Very low Energy.
  • Very low Reactions (except Leader and Commander).
  • Snakemen don't have Medics. Snakeman soldiers will be used in their place.
  • They don't lay eggs during the mission, despite their flavour text, probably too busy.

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