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Long War Rebalanced Snipers are akin to the vanilla Sniper. With Squadsight as their first ability, they're able to inflict long range damage on enemy targets from a position of safety.

Primary Weapon: Sniper Rifles, Marksman Rifles, Assault Rifles, Carbines.
Secondary Weapon: Pistols, Machine Pistols.
Class-Limited items: Sniper Rifles.
Attribute Growth: Aim x3.


Rank Ability
Squad sight
Allows firing with long-range weapons around some obstacles and beyond 18 tiles at targets with a spotter (an unconcealed ally at 0 AP that can see the target). Grants +3 aim per ally that can see the target and -5 aim for each tile beyond 18. Does not apply to overwatch or reaction shots. Other abilities that consider the number of enemies in sight will also include any enemies in squadsight.
Lance Corporal
In The Zone
In The Zone
Shooting with a steadied weapon allows this unit to fire up to 2 extra shots until out of ammo or targets. Standard shots that are not part of an ITZ chain gain +20 aim and grant an automatic reload.
Grants +70% weapon damage to sniper rifles, strike rifles, and pistols.
Double Tap
Double Tap
Shooting or using burst allows this unit to fire an extra shot (at +25 aim/crit if it's the same target) if not out of ammo or targets. 1 turn cooldown after 2nd shot is used.
All shots with the primary weapon gain +15 aim against biologic targets.
Grants +1 armor HP, a medikit, a smoke grenade, and +1 ammo to non-arc primary weapons.
Disabling Shot
Disabling Shot
If this unit has a sniper/strike/arc rifle: Fire a shot that disables a target's main weapon if it connects. The shot deals 1 damage and costs 0 AP. Does not work against mechanical targets. Cannot be used after activating Double Tap or In The Zone. 3 turn cooldown. Grants +1 ammo to non-arc primary weapons.
Grants +1 damage to all weapons and equipment, +0.6 mobility, and +10% throw range. For sidearms: No long-range aim penalty and reloading costs only 1 AP.
Grants +15 aim (+50 aim for pistols) against targets at or below half HP.
This unit does not trigger reaction shots or Pursuit when walking (not dashing). After repositioning, grants +2 crit dmg until next turn. Grants +0.6 mobility.
Tech Sergeant
Precision Shot
Precision Shot
Fire a shot that has no squadsight penalties, +30 aim, and +30 crit. The shot will never graze. 2 turn cooldown. Only for Strike/Sniper Rifles.
Gunnery Sergeant
Grants +1 damage and penetration to all shots. Hitting a target with a non-reaction shot clears their overwatch and disables their Reactive Targeting Sensors.
Vital Point Targeting
Vital Point Targeting
Steadied shots, reaction shots, or shots at targets not protected by cover deal 30% more damage when hitting humans or autopsied biological aliens.
Bring 'Em On
Bring 'Em On
Grants additional shot damage equal to half the number of enemies in sight. Grants additional aim and graze chance equal to 5x the number of enemies in sight.
Master Sergeant
Extra Conditioning
Extra Conditioning
Grants +3 armor HP, +0.6 mobility, 10% throw range, and a 10% chance for all end-in-idle actions to cost 0 AP.
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf
Grants 10 aim, crit, and defense if not within 4 tiles of an allied unit.

Tactical Advice

Snipers are quite similar to vanilla, but there are a few differences. In The Zone and Double Tap remain good choices for taking multiple shots per turn, but the addition of high damage from Mayhem gives Snipers a high damage per shot option. Watch your ammo consumption with Double Tap and ITZ; high cap mags are a good item for them.

Snipers can use Sniper Rifles, which are powerful and effective at ranges, but only allow firing if the user hasn't moved. They can also use Strike Rifles, which can be fired after moving but have a larger penalty to aim at large Squadsight ranges and noticably less damage potential. Snipers can use Assault Rifles as well, but this isn't particularly useful in practice.

Sample Builds

In The Zone Sniper

The ITZ Sniper must first setup with a steadying turn before delivering a hail of three high powered sniper shots. On the next turn a normal shot may be fired to trigger a full free reload so the cycle may begin anew the following turn. This optimal turn pattern of Steadying > Shoot x 3 > Shoot + Reload is heavily reliant on positioning as the sniper has very few actions to spare for correcting said positioning. Additionally, any disruption (a hit taken while steadying, an alien flanking) can cut deeply into the effectiveness of this build. On the other hand, a timely Command charge from an officer or a lucky free action can greatly increase overall damage per turn.

Sample In The Zone Build: In the Zone -> Any -> Executioner or Ranger -> Precision Shot -> Any -> Any

Recommended Weapons: Sniper rifle. A strike rifle is not recommended due to the mandatory steadying setup of ITZ which discourages movement. Secondary Autopistol.
Recommended Equipment: High Cap Mags (if Kitted wasn't taken), Aim-increaser, Bipod, Damage boosters, Special ammo.


  • Several ranks have a wide perk choice for the build:
    • At CPL, A steadied Disabling Shot is nearly guaranteed so it can be a useful utility, Kitted eliminates the need for extra ammo from an item, and Sharpshooter is a straightforward aim increase that is relevant for most of your shots.
    • At SGT, Executioner makes your main shots more reliable while Ranger gives you a little bit of everything and a significantly better secondary weapon to use while on the move.
    • At GSGT, Impact gives overwatch-clearing utility and a bit of damage, Vital Point Targeting gives your initial steadied shot 30% more damage, and Bring 'Em On is a damage/survivability increase that becomes better when the situation gets worse.
    • At MSGT, Extra Conditioning gives you a little bit of flexibility and a precious free action chance, but Lone Wolf is a generic stat-increasing perk.

Magnum Sniper

The Magnum Sniper specializes in delivering high single target damage at Squadsight range. Depending on the situation, the Sniper must decide whether to shoot directly at a high value target, steady their weapon, or enter overwatch to prepare to respond to alien actions. The former offers more flexibility with high instant damage on the normal shot (+70% from Magnum). Steadying offers more aim and pen but delays a turn. Overwatch sacrifices crits and the ability to pick a specific target for cover bypassing and a potential second shot from psionics or gene mods. Due to the inability of this build to fire more than once per turn outside of Inner Fire or Enhanced Metabolism, any missed shot has a high opportunity cost. Steadying is generally a good idea if preparing to pick off a specific high value target. As well, the build can choose to use a Strike Rifle to be more mobile.

Recommended Weapons: Sniper or Strike Rifle. Sniper rifles for more damage and penetration; Strike rifles for more flexibility and maneuverability.

Recommended Equipment: High Cap Mags, Aim-increaser, Damage boosters, Special ammo.


  • Strike Rifle users will value Shadowstep a lot more due to the extra crit damage after moving, extra movement, and ability to avoid being locked down by enemy reaction fire
  • Impact pairs well with Shadowstep to remove Overwatch without consumables, VPT will increase damage significantly against biological targets while on Overwatch or flanking, and BEO will provide a more general damage increase

Double Tap Sniper

The Double Tap Sniper is a middle ground between the setup reliant In the Zone and the immediate power of Mayhem. Its distinguishing strength is its flexibility and ease of use. It features both burst and sustained damage, depending on how you choose to spend the sniper's shots - concentrating your fire on one target, or weakening or killing two targets. Out of all three Sniper builds it is the most forgiving on mediocre aim rolls, since second shot of double tap has significant aim/crit bonus. That said, one needs to be careful with ammo usage as Sniper Rifle has 3 ammo and ideally you want to have 2 ammo every time Double Tap is available. Double Tap activates every other turn and thus a turn spent steadying between activations is more optimal damage-wise (when equipped with High Cap Mags or Kitted). It also works with secondaries, making pistols quite potent in a pinch.

Sample Double Tap Sniper Build: Double Tap -> Any -> Ranger -> Precision Shot -> Any -> Any

Recommended Weapons: Sniper rifle. Secondary autopistol.
Recommended Equipment: High Cap Mags, Aim-increaser, Damage boosters, special ammo.


  • Like on ItZ Snipers, several ranks have wide perk choices:
    • At CPL, Disabling Shot does not work when Double Tap is activated, but it works on standard shots. Kitted + an ammo item lets you double shoot -> shoot -> double shoot due to having 5 ammo, and Sharpshooter is a generic aim increase to help with reliability.
    • At GSGT, Impact gives you a bit of utility and damage, VPT makes Strike Rifle or Autopistol flanks much more potent, and BeO is a generic damage/survivability increase (but only for the primary weapon).
    • At MSGT, EC lets you position more flexibly while also having a small free action chance that works well with Double Tap's multiple shots, and Lone Wolf is a generic stat-increaser that can increase your lethality.
  • Ranger turns your Autopistol into a quite potent weapon, as it can benefit from many of the Sniper's perks including Double Tap, VPT, Impact, EC, and Lone Wolf.

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