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A Soldier is the lowest Alien Rank, and is the one most commonly found in all mission profiles. Their role on board is to keep the UFO or Base secure and also to perform any general work they are ordered to do. In most missions they will be the first opponents encountered.

In combat a Soldier is only the equal of other ranks at best, and has the lowest intelligence. In terms of equipment they may have slightly more powerful weapons than some higher ranks such as Medics, but not always. Aside from that they are generally the easiest opponents you will run into on any given mission, although if the mission is with Ethereals that isn't much consolation.


UFO Type Beg./Exp. Vet./Gen. Super.
Small Scout111
Medium Scout2-43-54-6
Large Scout1-62-73-8
Supply Ship5-116-127-13
Terror Ship4-55-66-7
Alien Base5-96-107-11

Terror From the Deep

Soldiers in TFTD have the same role as in EU.

TFTD Deployment

Note: Tasoths do not have Medics, and will use Soldiers in their place. The following table does not account for this.

Alien Sub Type Beg./Exp. Vet./Gen. Super.
Survey Ship111
Heavy Cruiser5-97-119-13
Fleet Supply Cruiser5-116-127-13
Alien Colony part 19-1510-1611-17
Alien Colony part 2345
Artefact Site (per part)5-106-117-12

Note: Due to a shortage of alien spawn points, on Superhuman difficulty, Artefact Sites may sometimes spawn only 6 Soldiers on the upper level.

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