Soldier Names (OpenXcom)

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OpenXcom allows customization of the soldier names used when generating new soldiers. They are stored in the Data\SoldierName folder with a .nam extension.


Each file contains a set of soldier names stored in YAML format.

  - 35
  - 35
  - 15
  - 15
  - Austin
  - Calvin
  - Carl
  - Barbara
  - Catherine
  - Evelyn
  - Bradley
  - Bryant
  - Carr
  - ...
  - ...

When generating a name for a new soldier, a random first and last name are picked from a random set. If femaleFirst or femaleLast are omitted, then respectively maleFirst or maleLast are used for both genders.

Soldier names should only use the basic Latin alphabet, since they are shared among languages, to ensure everyone can read them.

Each .nam file also contains lookweights that affect the chance that each of the four default looks will be chosen- these follow the number order of the looks in the data files, so the first weight corresponds with look 0 for either gender, then look 1, etc...

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