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In General

XCOM soldiers are those who risks their lives going on missions. On mission squad setup screen, an arbitrary mix of soldier classes (and SHIVs) can be chosen for the task at hand. Soldier slots can be scrolled with arrows when squad sizes above 6 are available, e.g., on all UFO missions.

XCOM starts with 12 unique soldiers and a random soldier from their starting country. They also start with 1-4 SHIVs (depending upon difficulty). This means a starting barracks size of 14-17.

Of the initial 12 unique soldiers: 3 will start at LCPLs, 4 at SPECs, and 5 as PFCs (rookies).

Each XCOM soldier costs credits to recruit which vary based on how the campaign is progressing: Recruiting Soldiers.

When recruiting the base gender of the recruit is 1 woman to every 3 men. (This number is determined by a value in DefaultGameCore.ini)


Like the base game, soldiers are divided into classes. Soldiers start out as Privates (analogous to Rookies), where they have no class, and when they progress to Specialist (equivalent to Squaddie) they are assigned a class. You have some control over which class the Private is assigned to; when a soldier becomes a Specialist, they will be assigned a specialism of Tactical, Weapons, Marksman, or Support. You can then choose between the two classes for each specialism by choosing the appropriate perk. When assigned to become a MEC each specialism creates one MEC class.

Specialism Soldier Classes MEC Class
Marksman CLASS SNIPER.png  Sniper Class Jaeger (Long War).png  Jaeger
Class Scout (Long War).png  Scout
Tactical Class Infantry (Long War).png  Infantry Class Marauder (Long War).png  Marauder
CLASS ASSAULT.png  Assault
Weapons CLASS HEAVY.png  Gunner Class Goliath (Long War).png  Goliath
Class Rocketeer (Long War).png  Rocketeer
Support CLASS SUPPORT.png  Medic Class Shogun (Long War).png  Shogun
Class Engineer (Long War).png  Engineer

Starting Roster

Outside of 2 random PFCs and 1-4 SHIVs, this is the starting roster of every LWR campaign (with the exception of campaigns using the Fresh Recruits second wave option or start bonuses that affect it).

Guaranteed Starting Soldiers (LWR)
Name Country Rank Supraclass Health Mobility Will Aim Special Perk
Stanislav Orlov Russia LCPL Tactical 7 8 37 68 Natural Killer
Estela Morais Brazil LCPL Marksman 6 8.6 30 68 N/A
Liora Yosef Israel LCPL Tactical 5 9.3 37 63 N/A
Albert Komarov Russia LCPL Weapons 6 8.6 20 69 N/A
Chloe Girard France LCPL Support 5 9.3 23 68 N/A
Brad Greene USA SPEC Tactical 5 8.6 33 66 N/A
Finlay Burns Scotland SPEC Support 7 8.6 40 61 N/A
Yuna Saito Japan SPEC Weapons 4 8.6 41 64 N/A
Leo Jones United Kingdom SPEC Marksman 7 8.6 25 69 N/A
Mateo Garcia Spain SPEC Weapons 7 9.3 29 62 N/A
Hank Miller USA PFC Tactical 8 8.6 41 63 Relentless
Jacob Kowalski Poland PFC Marksman 7 8.6 39 64 N/A
Owen Roberts United Kingdom PFC Weapons 6 8.6 25 67 N/A
Cameron Wilson Canada PFC Support 6 9.3 43 63 N/A
Hans Graf Germany PFC Marksman 6 8 26 70 Practiced Ease

Special Reward Soldiers

While many missions offer soldiers as a reward, some council missions give unique soldiers with preset classes, stats, ranks, and perks. Some ranks scale with month.

Special Reward Soldiers (LWR)
Name + Nickname Country Rank Supraclass Health Mobility Will Aim Special Perk(s) Mission of Origin
Shaojie 'Chilong' Zhang China LCPL Tactical 6 10 32 61 Ex Triad Friends in Low Places
Annette 'Vicieuse' Durand France SGT Support 5 8.6 59 63 Driven By Pressure, Mind Fray, Psi Panic, Mind Merge Deluge
Peter 'The General' Van Doorn U.N CPL-GSGT Weapons 9 8.6 36 67 Cool Under Pressure Van Doorn Extraction
Glenn 'Freaky' Friendly U.N LCPL Support 7 8.6 32 66 N/A Van Doorn Extraction
Matthew 'Alecto' Hawkins USA TSGT Marksman 5 9.3 48 62 Countercharge, Kinetic Blast Furies
Fatima 'Tisiphone' Tariq Egypt SGT Tactical 4 8 52 65 Mind Fray, Psi Inspire, Mind Merge Furies
Said 'Megaera' Tariq Egypt SGT Weapons 5 8 50 67 Countercharge, Psi Inspire, Mind Merge Furies
Anton 'Vector' Smits Netherlands SPEC Support 7 9.3 38 68 N/A Portent
Patrick 'The Plumber' Carlock USA LCPL Support 8 8.6 26 64 N/A Carlock Extraction
Jake 'Snake Eyes' Green USA LCPL Marksman 6 8 48 69 N/A Hutch Extraction
Jamie 'House' Watson USA LCPL Tactical 7 9.3 38 66 N/A Hutch Extraction

Tactical Advice

The Long War Rebalance classes are all designed with certain roles in mind, and they work best if they have other roles that synergize with them. For example, a Gunner's ability to Suppress works well with an Assault, as the Gunner can pin an enemy and prevent it from overwatching while the Assault moves up for a flank. Alternatively, a Medic can cancel out overwatch fire for the Assault using Concussion Grenades with Smoke and Mirrors, allowing the Assault to move up, providing cover with a Smoke Grenade afterwards.

The roles your soldiers are designed to fulfill, i.e., your build composition, are far more important than the individual strength of a soldier and their abilities. If your Engineers, Rocketeers, Infantry, and Goliath MECs are all built to use explosives for the role of cover destruction and AOE damage, you may have to build your Shogun MECs as something other than more explosives.

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