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General Information

Sonic Cannon Official Entry

The Sonic Cannon is the most potent of the Sonic weapons family. Featuring a higher range audio oscillator and a larger reverberation chamber than the Blasta. The Cannon also has a pulse detonation system that alters the ultra-sonic wave by modulation to produce a more effective Sonic Shock.

Source: Terror From The Deep Ufopaedia

Sonic Cannon
(h x w)
3 x 2 SonicCannon.gif
Weight 8
D. Threshold 50
Grip Two-Handed
TU Cost Accuracy
Auto -% -%
Snapshot 50% 80%
Aimed 70% 115%
Sale Price $171,600
Cost $122,000
Technician Hours 1000
Workspace 4
Materials 1 Aqua Plastics

The Sonic Cannon is the final weapon in the sonic weapon family. It is the workhorse of the aquatic alien invaders and is capable of dealing a superfluous amounts of damage.

In general function, the Sonic Cannon is a very high powered sniping weapon.

The Sonic Cannon benefits mainly from its very high snap and aimed accuracy as well as its ability to deal very high damage per round fired. On the other hand it carries the least ammunition amongst the Sonic Weapons and is slow, heavy and cumbersome to handle. With these extreme positive and negative attributes, this weapon can be classified as a 'heavy weapon'.

All Sonic weapons lack automatic fire.

Unlike its predecessors, the Sonic Cannon eventually becomes the standard issue weapon that is carried by the bulk of the alien forces. Due to its prolific nature, the cannon and its ammunition can easily be obtained from fallen aliens during many battles. There will rarely be an ammunition shortage of Cannon Power Clips throughout the campaign. This greatly assists with the Cannon Power Clip's otherwise low ammunition capacity and high Zrbite production cost. In effect, the cannon and its ammunition almost never need to be manufactured.

Though a very powerful weapon, its various limitations do not make it a particularly suitable weapon to arm the entire squad on its own. The Sonic Cannon greatly hampers the shooter's mobility with its high Time Unit expenditure, and the shooter is often heavily exhausted after firing just one shot. This is a disastrous situation to be put into if caught in close quarter combat. On the other hand, from a sniping perspective, there are few weapons bar the Thermal Shok Launcher that can equal the Sonic Cannon's ability to snipe in a straight line.

Very strong aquanauts with good accuracy can take a more extreme approach. They can use it like an over sized Sonic Pistol by having other weapons or tools held out at the same time to provide that extra little bit of oomph at crucial moments. This works because the naturally high accuracy of the Sonic Cannon mitigates much of the accuracy penalty. The drills in particular are an excellent accompaniment for the Sonic Cannon, filling in the Sonic Cannon's close quarter combat limitations. The Disrupter Pulse Launcher adds a devastating 'grenade launcher' element.

This weapon appears in Terror from the Deep. For the UFO: Enemy Unknown equivalent, refer to the Heavy Plasma.

Key Features
  • Sonic Damage
Pros Cons
  • Very High Power
  • Very High Accuracy
  • Recoverable
  • Very common
  • Very Slow
  • Heavy
  • Cumbersome
  • Low Ammunition
  • Zrbite for ammo manufacture

Sonic Cannon Clip

Cannon Power Clip

This compact device is used as ammunition for a Heavy Sonic Gun. It contains a small quantity of Zrbite

Source: Terror From The Deep Ufopaedia

Sonic Cannon Clip
(h x w)
1 × 1 SonicCannonClip.gif
Weight 3
D. Threshold 50
Damage 130 Sonic
Capacity 10
Sale Price $9,590
Cost $6,000
Technician Hours 80
Workspace 4
Materials 3 Zrbite

Cannon Power Clips are the source of ammunition for the Sonic Cannon. They are powered by Zrbite, and need 3 units of it to be created.

Cannon Power Clips become plentiful as the game progresses and will almost never have to be constructed. Though plentiful, each clip only has 10 rounds. On long missions, this means that they can be exhausted quickly, thus it is prudent to keep alternate weapons or spare clips on hand for such an eventuality.

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