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The Sonic Oscillator is a powerful auditory oscillator which creates waves of sonic force. It destroys the target by literally vibrating its molecular bonds apart.

Widely regarded as the best craft weapon available to Commanders, the Sonic Oscillator can only be researched upon completion of the research of all three alien Sonic weapons (Pistol, Blasta-Rifle, and Cannon) and their ammunition. Much like the Plasma Beam of the last war, the TFTD version's outstanding range, damage, and magazine make it a very attractive choice for an armament.

The 55 kilometer range is greater than that of all Alien Subs EXCEPT the Dreadnought, meaning you can intercept most aliens with impunity. The power of the weapon is enough to easily destroy the smallest Alien Subs, and down most of the rest with only a few shots. Keep a Barracuda or two around with weaker weaponry, such as the AJAX Torpedo if you wish to instead salvage from these smaller craft.

The Sonic Oscillator also automatically recharges its ammunition upon return to base; no costly ammunition must be manufactured or purchased. The Zrbite power system provides all the energy needed for long term operation.

Manufacturing Requirements

Engineer Hours:500
Cost per Unit:226,000
Workshop Space required:8
Raw Materials:15x Zrbite

Vital Statistics

Range:55 km
Reload Time (Official):5 game seconds
Reload Time (actual):6x slower than Gas Cannon (= 18 game seconds)
Ammunition Used:Not Applicable
Rearming Rate:100 per hour per craft

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