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A Squad Leader is one of the middle tier Alien Ranks and is exclusive to Terror From the Deep. It is somewhat equivalent to the Navigator Alien Rank in Enemy Unknown. They are the second most common Alien Rank, and will appear on all Alien Subs except the Survey Ship.

In combat, a Squad Leader has only slightly superior fighting skills to a Soldier. Tasoth Squad Leaders, however, are significantly stronger than Soldiers and also boast a powerful M.C. attack. This makes them arguably the most powerful non-Terrorist aliens in the game.



  • Gill Men do not have Medics, and will use Squad Leaders in their place.
  • Tasoths do not have Technicians, Navigators or Commanders, and will use Squad Leaders in their place.
  • Neither of these is taken into account in the table below.
Alien Sub Type Beg./Exp. Vet./Gen. Super.
Survey Ship000
Heavy Cruiser112
Fleet Supply Cruiser1-212
Alien Colony part 15-85-87-10
Alien Colony part 2345
Artefact Site part 12-6 (1-6)2-6 (1-6)4-8 (2-8)
Artefact Site part 22-62-64-8


  • In the case of Artefact Sites, the numbers in italics are the amount of aliens the game attempts to spawn. However, since maps are rather short on alien spawn points, the number of aliens that can actually appear is indicated in brackets.

Captured Squad Leaders

Interrogating a captured Squad Leader will provide details of one of the 8 Alien Missions.

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