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In General

At the beginning of a campaign, you must select a starting location for XCOM HQ, and with it, a start bonus. All countries offer a different amount of starting Credits, as well as a variety of starting bonuses to choose from.

Table of Start Bonuses

Country Starting Bonuses
Continent Country Starting Credits Bonus Description
Africa Flag of Egypt.png
§600 For the Sake of Glory All injury and fatigue times are reduced by 30%.
Flag of Nigeria.png
§800 Pax Nigeriana All non-mechanical units start with +1.3 mobility.
Advanced Conversion MECs start with +1.3 mobility, +5 base HP, +15 aim, +15 will, and +15 base DR.
Bred Tough All biosoldiers and MECs start with +15 base DR.
Flag of South Africa.png
South Africa
§750 Resourceful Additional salvage teams from UFOs will recover double the alloys, elerium, and weapon fragments without additional cost. Start with Advanced Scavenging [For a cost, scavenging teams can attain additional resources from UFOs].
Survival Training All biosoldiers start with +4 HP.
Asia Flag of Australia.png
§850 Per Ardua Ad Astra All biosoldiers start with +1 HP, +5 aim, and +5 will. Soldiers acquired later in the campaign gain double the bonus attributes for each month passed.
Robotics +20 aim bonus for SHIVs and MEC troopers.
Flag of China.png
§750 Assembly Line Start with two workshops (1st floor, both to the right of the elevator) and 10 extra engineers in your base. Removes the maintenance cost of workshops.
Xeno Market Credits from selling alien corpses and wrecks increased by 10x. Credits from selling alien captives increased by 20x.
Deus Ex Acquiring any genetic modification grants both gene mods for that body part.
Flag of India.png
§800 Jai Vidwan Increases the bonus research from laboratories and their adjacencies to +45/15% (from +30/10%) and gain double scientists from all abductions. Start with 100 weapon fragments (modified by campaign length) and 100 elerium.
Jai Jawan Start with 2 extra Interceptors and increase aircraft fire rate by 80%.
Flag of Japan.png
§750 Ring of Fire Thermogenerators produce 7 credits each day instead of having an upkeep cost. Start with 6 steam vents at the bottom of the 2nd and 5th building columns in the base (instead of 1 steam vent on the middle of the 4th floor).
Ghost In the Machine Start with 2 extra SHIVs and all SHIVs receive +30 aim.
Kiryu-Kai Commander Start with an additional soldier: a Japanese Master Sergeant of a random class with Perseverance [Fatigue and injury times reduced by 50%, half if augmented]. Active and fatigued soldiers gain xp each day equal to 2x the number of months passed.
Global Networking Intel Scans cost 20 credits (from 200), Grey Market sell prices are 50% higher, and countries are 50% more likely to aid in tactical missions with air strikes. Grants an additional unit to aid in Exalt Covert Op Data Recovery and Extraction missions. Start with Grey Market [Gives the ability to sell various equipment and artifacts XCOM has obtained].
Europe Flag of France.png
§450 Quai d'Orsay Country item requests occur twice as fast, fulfilled requests provide double country defense, and intel scans are free.
Foreign Legion Start with 14 additional soldiers. Reduces soldier salary costs by 50%.
Flag of Germany.png
§400 Skunkworks Item production time is reduced by 50%. Start with all elevators, 3 Fission Generators, a Workshop, the Foundry, and the Repair Bay built on the 3rd floor.
Baumeister Start with all elevators built and 3 Thermogenerators built on the 4th floor (right side). Facility construction time is reduced by 90%.
NeoPanzers MECs and SHIVs start with +1.3 mobility. 50% reduction in cash, alloy and elerium required for MECs, SHIVs, and their primary weapons.
Militarization Twice the officer billets are unlocked from all OTS upgrades. Grants an additional unit to aid in UFO Site missions.
Flag of Russia.png
§600 Uralvagonzavod Basic/Alloy/Hover SHIVs gain +4/6/8 damage, respectively. All SHIVs gain +20 base DR.
Roscosmos All satellites cost 50% less to build and start with a satellite nexus (instead of a satellite uplink).
Flag of UK.png
United Kingdom
§450 Special Air Service All non-mechanical units start with +12 aim.
Their Finest Hour Start with 2 extra interceptors. All aircraft gain 15 dodge and damaged planes have no speed or aim malus. Hiring Repair Crews for damaged aircraft is twice as effective.
Sandhurst Reduce mission fatigue and missions required to unlock Officer Training School projects both by 20%. Grants an additional unit to aid in Alien Base Assaults and the Exalt Base Assault.
North America Flag of Canada.png
§700 Advanced Preparations Start with 5 extra soldiers, all elevators, a workshop (1st floor, right of elevator), a laboratory (3rd floor, right of elevator), and a fission generator (1st floor, far right) built.
Cadre Five of the initial PFCs start at the Lance Corporal rank and gain Perseverance [Fatigue and injury times reduced by 50%, half if augmented]. Active and fatigued soldiers gain xp each day equal to 2x the number of months passed.
Research Focus Start with two laboratories (1st floor, both to the right of the elevator) and 20 extra scientists in your base. Removes the maintenance cost of laboratories.
Flag of Mexico.png
§750 Wealthy Benefactor Start with 300 bonus Credits. All soldier salaries are covered by the Benefactor. Council loans are twice as large and have a quarter the surcharge rate.
Ancient Artifacts Start the campaign with 350 meld, an Illuminator Gunsight, Cognitive Enhancer, and Neuroregulator. Also start with a Blaster Launcher and Fusion Lance that can only be used after unlocking Fusion Weapons.
Legacy of Uxmal Alien Level decreases by 0.25% for every psionic rank your soldiers acquire. Soldiers psionically train twice as fast.
Flag of USA.png
United States
§600 Special Warfare School All Officer Training School projects cost 80% less. Start with Tactical Rigging [biosoldiers can carry 1 additional equipment], High-Capacity Pistols [Grants 1 additional ammo to all non-electric pistols], Rail Pistols [Grants 10 aim to all pistols], and Reflex Pistols [Grants +35% weapon damage to all pistols] (foundry must be built to benefit).
Cheyenne Mountain Start with all elevators built and 3 steam vent on the bottom floor (left side). Excavation costs are reduced by 85%.
We Have Ways Reduces time required for autopsies and interrogations by 80%. Start with Elerium Batteries [Increases Stun Rifle stun rate and gives +1 charge to the Stun Rifle, Arc Rifle, Arc Pistol, and Motion Tracker].
Daredevils Start with 2 extra interceptors. Pilots gain +50 crit. Combat Patrols are 4x as effective and cause half as much damage to the aircraft.
South America Flag of Argentina (bordered).png
§1500 Vigilis All biosoldiers units start with +15 will.
Public Heroes Gain 2x credit, scientist, and engineer rewards from abductions. Grants an additional unit to aid in abductions.
Flag of Brazil.png
§1600 Jungle Scouts All non-mechanical units start with +0.6 mobility and injury times are reduced by 20%. Start with Tactical Rigging [Non-mechanical units can carry 1 additional equipment -- foundry must be built to benefit]
Ready For War Start with 100 alloys, 50 elerium, 100 weapon fragments (modified by campaign length), and 1 fusion core. Research credits provide an additional 30% bonus research (reducing research time by 80% instead of 50%).
Born to Fly Start with 2 extra interceptors. Pilots gain 5 aim per kill (from 0.5) and +50 crit.