Starting Assets

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The following is a list of the aircraft, craft weapons, personnel, base facilities, and equipment you begin the game with. Use it wisely.


This are the aircraft that the world's governments were nice enough to loan you.

Starting armament for Interceptors is Stingray Launcher on the left wing, Cannon on the right wing.

Aircraft Armaments

These are the free toys that came with the planes.

  • 4 Cannons
  • 9 Cannon Ammo packs(450 shots)
  • 3 Stingray Launchers
  • 37 Stingray Missiles
  • 1 Avalanche Launcher
  • 10 Avalanche Missiles


These are the brave men and women who have initially volunteered to fight the alien menace.

  • 8 soldiers, randomly generated, assigned to Skyranger-1
  • 10 Scientists
  • 10 Engineers

Base Facilities

These are the base facilities that were deemed worthy to be built without charging you.


This is a total equipment manifest of what you were given to start the fight with.

Equipment assigned to Skyranger

This is a manifest of what equipment is initially assigned to the Skyranger. It does not add to the equipment list above.

  • 3 Pistols
  • 5 Pistol clips
  • 6 Rifles
  • 12 Rifle clips
  • 1 Heavy Cannon
  • 2 HC-AP clips
  • 1 HC-HE clip
  • 8 Grenades