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Primary Stats

  • Bravery means that a soldier may keep his wits even when Morale drops. If you need this, something probably went very very wrong.
  • Reactions determine a soldier's ability to shoot first when stumbling upon an enemy. Very important.
  • Firing Accuracy should need no explanation. Probaly the most important stat of all.
  • Throwing Accuracy the importance of this trait depends on your play style. Most players don't worry too much about it.
  • M.C. or Psi Skill: the ability to mind control aliens, once the prereqisite technology is available.

Reactions and Firing Accuracy are probably the most important stats to look for when hiring new soldiers. Not only are these skills very important in the game, they also require success in order to improve: a bad marksman who never hits will also never gain Experience, while a soldier who has a high Firing Accuracy to begin with will improve on this ability with relative ease. The same is true for reactions.

Secondary Stats

  • Time Units determines mostly how far your Soldiers / Aquanauts can advance each turn. Very helpful.
  • Energy or Stamina determines how far your soldiers can run until they run out of breath. Scarcely matters.
  • Health – a soldier with high health may survive an otherwise deadly hit. But as he will be hospitalized for months and probably sacked anyway, this doesn't make much of a difference.
  • Strength, unsurprisingly, determines how much a soldier can carry until she's bogged down by the weight of her gear. Very important as you start to hand out body armor and heavy weapons.
  • M.C. or Psi Strength: the ability to withstand alien mind control attempts. Will never improve.

Secondary stats are not tied to specific actions and will improve almost automatically. Any weakling will soon enough turn into a Hulk Hogan of sorts.

Combat Stats

  • Fatal Wounds may be incurred when hit. A soldier with fatal wounds will take damage every turn until either: a) she dies, b) the wound is treated, c) or the battle ends .
  • Morale changes over the course of a battle, depending (mostly) on how well your team fares. If it drops below 50, the soldier will have to pass a bravery check.