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The default configuration:

Open XcomUtil.cfg with any text editor. The section on Statstrings is at around line 1200 (and can be easisly found if you search for "statstrings"). Here's what it looks like by default; comments have been added to make it more readable.


x p:-30	//Psi strength (resistance) 30 or less
P p:80-	//immune to Psi attacks
p p:60-79	//reasonably safe from Psi
K k:60-	//high Psi Skill
k k:30-59	//good Psi Skill
b b:60-	//very brave
c b:-10	//coward
w s:-25	//weak

Snpr f:60- r:60-

M f:70-	//Marksman
m f:60-69

Sct  r:50- d:60-

R r:60-	//Reactions
r r:50-59
fixme: maybe a detailed description of the syntax might be in order. However, I'mm to lazy atm.

The main problem with the default scheme is that sooner or later, most of your soldiers will become a "Snpr". The same string for everyone is like having no string at all.

Simple Numeric StatStrings

Instead of Mnemnonics, many people prefer to have actual figures displayed. The following strings do just that: "Anton Miller /45" is a Soldier whose firing accuracy is about 40, and reactions about 50.

1 f:0-14
2 f:15-24
3 f:25-34
4 f:35-44
5 f:45-54
6 f:55-64
7 f:65-74
8 f:75-84
9 f:85-94

1 r:0-14
2 r:15-24
3 r:25-34
4 r:35-44
5 r:45-54
6 r:55-64
7 r:65-74
8 r:75-84
9 r:85-94

Detailed numeric strings

I've been using the above scheme for a while, but noticed that I use only a small part of the range. I'm habitually sacking soldiers with a firing accuracy below 50, for example, so the numbers 1-4 aren't really needed -- they indicate that a soldier won't meet my requirements, that's all. More generally, the purpose of statstrings is to make soldiers easily comparable when hiring and sacking or when you have to decide who's the first to go through an conspicious door.


- f:0-49
1 f:50-54
2 f:55-60
3 f:61-64
4 f:65-70
5 f:71-75
6 f:76-80
7 f:81-85
8 f:86-90
9 f:91-95
a f:96-100
b f:101-105
c f:106-110
d f:111-115
e f:116-

- r:0-45
0 r:46-49  //sometimes I'm short on cash and have to hire zeroes...
1 r:50-53
2 r:54-57
3 r:58-61
4 r:62-65
5 r:66-69
6 r:70-73
7 r:74-77
8 r:78-81
9 r:82-85
a r:86-89
b r:90-93
c r:94-97
d r:98-100
e r:101-

W s:0-19    //weak. can only carry Rifle + clips OR Laser Rifle + grenades
w s:20-25   //additional Medikit or Stun Rod is possible
n s:26-30   //normal. no problems with standard gear
h s:31-40   //heavy or auto-cannon plus spare clip
H s:41-     //can handle 4 Large Rockets + Launcher

1 p:0-15      
2 p:16-25    
3 p:26-35
4 p:36-44
5 p:45-54
6 p:55-64
7 p:65-74
8 p:75-84
9 p:85-

0 k:1-15     
2 k:16-25
3 k:25-35
4 k:36-44
5 k:45-54
6 k:55-64
7 k:65-74
8 k:75-84
9 k:85-

This results in Soldier names like "Anton Karas /13n" or "Grace Kelly /41H81". The scheme is:
firing accuracy - reactions - strength - Psi strength (resistance) - Psi skill


  • I wanted to use W-w-n-s-S for weak-normal-strong, but it's impossible to distiguish an S from a 5 which really looks weird. So I settled on H for "heavy gear" instead.
  • values for Firing accuracy and reactions are hexadecimal, 1-9 then a-e; it may be that the sudden appearance of letters where you're used to numbers may look strange. I don't know, because my soldiers never become that good.
  • Psi strength / skill will only be displayed after a soldier went through his first tenure of Psi training. So, a blank means the soldier hasn't been screened yet.