Status Effects (Chimera)

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Some abilities or environmental hazards can inflict Status Effects. Both Chimera Squad agents and their enemies have access to such abilities.


Status Effects are unique character states which can be inflicted on members of the Chimera squad and opponents. They are usually inflicted with various skills, although this can also occur, for example, as a side effect of interacting with a burning area on a map. The red text on the screen informs you about receiving a new Status Effect. The Status Effect imposed on an agent or opponent may persist for one or more turns. It is usually possible to get rid of the status effects before they disappear on their own. Not every status "works" on every character, as some characters might be immune to certain Status Effects (eg. Torque and enemy vipers are immune to Poison, mechanical units are immune to Mental Effects etc).

Status Effects


Icon Effect Description
Burning(Chimera).png BURNING Inflicts damage on the unit at the start of each turn and prevents the unit from using most abilities other than their primary attack.
AcidBurn(Chimera).png ACID BURN Shreds a unit’s Armor at the start of each turn and applies the Rupture effect for the Acid Burn’s duration.
Poisoned(Chimera).png POISONED Inflicts damage on the unit at the start of each turn and reduces the unit’s movement.
Shrouded(Chimera).png SHROUDED Grants 100% Dodge and a small bonus to Defense. This is the only positive Status Effect.


Icon Effect Description
MindControlled(Chimera).png Hacked(Chimera).png MIND CONTROLLED / HACKED Grants the opposing team control of the unit.
Stunned(Chimera).png Shutdown(Chimera).png STUNNED / SHUTDOWN Prevents a unit from acting.
Disoriented(Chimera).png DISORIENTED Prevents a unit from using most abilities other than their primary attack and inflicts a small penalty to Aim.
Panicked(Chimera).png PANICKED Causes a unit to take an immediate Panic turn, which can include movement, an attack on an enemy, or even an attack on ally.
Berserk(Chimera).png BERSERK Causes a unit to immediately attack the nearest other unit, regardless of whether it is an enemy or ally.


Icon Effect Description
Levitated(Chimera).png LEVITATED Subtracts all a unit’s cover bonuses and prevents them from taking any reactions. Ends at the start of that unit’s turn.
Rooted(Chimera).png ROOTED Prevents standard move actions; does not affect special movement abilities.
WeaponDisabled(Chimera).png WEAPON DISABLED Prevents a unit's weapon from being used until it has been Reloaded.
Ruptured(Chimera).png RUPTURED Causes a unit to suffer additional damage from attacks.
Marked(Chimera).png MARKED / HOLO-TARGETED Grants enemies a bonus to Aim against this unit.


Icon Effect Description
Stasis(Chimera).png STASIS Prevents a unit from acting, but also renders them immune to damage and being targeted by abilities.
BleedingOut(Chimera).png BLEEDING OUT Prevents a unit from acting and being targeted but does not grant immunity to untargeted or AoE damage. This effect has a timer, and when the timer runs out, the unit dies. While the timer is running, other units can use the Stabilize action to save the unit’s life and remove the timer, upgrading the unit to Unconscious.
Unconscious(Chimera).png UNCONSCIOUS Prevents a unit from acting and being targeted. When an Encounter ends, Unconscious units are removed from the combat zone and returned to HQ. Once a unit has been rendered Unconscious, there is no way for it to reenter combat on that Mission.