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Stingray Missile

The Stingray is an adequate weapon, capable of taking down Small and Medium-sized UFOs. It has a longer range (30 km) than the armaments of Small Scouts, Medium Scouts, Abductors, and Harvesters, and an Interceptor armed with dual Stingrays can usually down even the Medium-sized crafts.

Large Scouts have a weapon range of 34 km; against them, your Interceptors will sustain some damage if armed solely with Stingrays or other short-range weapons.

The Stingray is not suitable against Large and Very Large UFOs.

This weapon is used in UFO: Enemy Unknown. For the Terror from the Deep equivalent, refer to the AJAX.

Vital Statistics

Range:30 km
Reload Time:
64/48/32 frames
Ammunition Used:Stingray Missile
Ammunition Cost:$3000

The reload time given in the in-game UFOpaedia is incorrect; the value given is taken directly from the executable.

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