Supply Barge (EU2012)

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Supply Barge Airborne (EU2012).png
Size Large
Weapon UFO Plasma II
Speed 2500
Engagement Speed 25
Health Points 2000/2000/2400/2400
Armor 16/16/30/36
Armor Penetration 4
First Appearance August (Vanila)
December (Marathon)


Supply Barge (EU2012).png

Larger than an Abductor and only seems to show up after them. It will be very difficult to down one of these without laser or plasma weapons on your Interceptor. One interceptor with EMP Cannon is usually enough. This UFO is composed of multiple levels, with the majority of the ship devoted to a series of massive cargo holds.

Alien Deployment

  • 4 / 5-7 groups of alien troops.
  • 1-2 command aliens on the bridge.
    • Alternate: in the central cargo section, or by one of the generators in the back.