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Quatermaster Webb

Veteran soldier who once served on the front lines along with then-Recruit Faulk. As a part of XCOM, he manages their weapons cache.

Agent Percy

Loudmouthed, arrogant, sexist, probably overcompensating. He likes the idea of glory, hates the idea of Angela Weaver having seniority over him, and implies that Dr Wier was in a homosexual relationship with his assistant, Lawrence. A Marine, and veteran of the Korean War.

Communications Officer Chulsky

Oversees not just communications, but Dark Ops coverup (media intervention, ect).

Analyst Kurt

Degree in Philosophy, "qualifications" in paranormal research, including expeditions to find Bigfoot.

Lawrence Bailey

Encountered in the Rosemont mission, he is a University research assistant to Dr Wier-- before revealing that he is either an Infiltrator that has switched sides, or a Sleepwalker that somehow had nearly overcome his reprogramming.

Doctor Heinrich Dresner

A physicist from Germany, and former (and unwilling) Nazi supporter: fearing Communism and Stalin's regime, he joined the Nazi party before he knew of the Final Solution, then fled to the United States to escape Soviet capture. He now works to save lives, using his knowledge to stop another genocide.

Doctor Jeff Hara

The lead medical doctor for XCOM, he also works in biological research involving the outsiders and sleepwalkers.