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General Information

This tiny submarine is used for reconnaissance and survey missions. It normally precedes larger vessels at the start of an Alien task force.



Damage capacity: 60

Weapon Power: 0

Weapon Range: 0 km

Maximum Speed: 2000 knots

Additional Information

In nine out of ten cases, the Survey Ship will not touch down, but merely fly around a bit. Because it is so fragile, attacks from the more powerful Sub Armaments such as the D.U.P. Head will usually destroy a Survey Ship outright; to crash one and assault it in the Battlescape, you must use weaker weapons such as the AJAX.

If you do so, you will find that the Survey Ship is somewhat larger on the Battlescape than its UFO Defense cousin, to the point that a SWS can enter and fit inside. There are two small storage rooms next to the main door, but since there's only one occupant (which is usually outside the ship at start of combat), there's little or no risk of an ambush.

In late game it is common to simply destroy the Survey Ship with heavy weaponry. However, a Survey Ship recovery mission is the easiest means to train your fresh recruits in MC. Those crewed by a single Lobsterman can also train reactions and accuracy.

Note: It is considered likely that the Survey Ship's Battlescape hull and UFOpaedia/interception picture were actually meant for the Escort. The pictures on this page reflect what you will see in a unmodified game of Terror From The Deep v2.0 DOS or Collector's Edition. XcomUtil has a "fix" for this.

This ship appears in Terror from the Deep. For the UFO: Enemy Unknown equivalent, refer to the Small Scout.

Recoverable Components

Item Sell Price Quantity Value
Ion Beam Accelerators$250,0001$250,000
Magnetic Navigation$80,0001$80,000
Alien Sub Construction$20,0000$0
Alien Cryogenics$5,0000$0
Alien Cloning$40,0000$0
Alien Learning Arrays$20,0000$0
Alien Implanter$38,0000$0
Examination Room$9,0000$0
Alien Re-Animation Zone$1000$0
Aqua Plastics$6,50011$71,500

Alien Deployment

Rank Beg./Exp. Vet./Gen. Super.
Squad Leaders000

Note: Mixed Crew Survey Ships are crewed by a Tasoth Soldier.

Terrain Maps

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