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I vagually remember that equipment won during a mission is returned to your base instantly, as opposed to when the associated troop carrier returns. True or false?

I'm also half sure that you can recover as many resources as you like by winning battles, regardless as to your bases capacity. Do you require at least one General Stores facility, or not? - BB


All of the above are true. Equipment is delivered instantly. Recovery of resources always goes into stores. The stores limit is only used to prevent items from being moved in and out of the transport, transferring equipment and buying new equipment.

Constructing new items and capturing resources ignores the store limit.


I'm also half sure that you can recover as many resources as you like by winning battles, regardless as to your bases capacity. Do you require at least one General Stores facility, or not? - BB

Requiring a general store I'm not sure of. Would be rather difficult and surely be intentional to do. I suppose if you loaded up a transport with what you needed, got rid of all stocks and dismantled the stores you could test this. My guess is that it doesn't bother to check, just as it doesn't bother to check the capacity. However I can't see any benefit from it, any base with soldiers needs equipment and without a single stores you can't transfer or purchase anything to the base.

On the other issues:

I thought that the number of Alloys you recieved was determined by MCD[59] = 10 file and then added up all the tiles that had such as when a Wall is blown out the death tile won't have this set, which is why you get less alloys from crashes.

I know there is some small difference in the later versions regarding clips, but basically unused clips in guns, and any clips not loaded into a gun will be recovered.

--Pi Masta 20:45, 21 January 2007 (PST)

I checked the store issue. Even with none of them installed in the base, the recovered gear goes into your stocks.

The method you discribe for counting the recovered resources is correct, but the amounts are still divided as I mentioned on the page. Otherwise you could expect to rake in up to several thousand alloys per mission.

I've updated the page to match the new info.

- Bomb Bloke 01:39, 22 January 2007 (PST)

All the general stores module does is add +50 to your capacity. That's it. Apart from that, the stores are already a part of the base, just like the radars. Note that the same applies to living quarters! The quarters only add +50 beds, otherwise you can have less beds than soldiers. Soldiers are fine, but I cannot verify what happens to the techs.

The only benefit of not having a stores module (or any other module) would be that - no stores module.

You can actually make a sustainable base that doesn't have or only has minimal stores. First fill the base with lasers, an interceptor with plasma beams and a Skyranger (or whatever you want). That's it. Then either leave the 1 module, or get it destroyed in combat (and then reuse the new empty slot for some other structure to avoid paying for the vacated base slot).

Now, just go out on missions and bring back the loot and if you have a workshop, keep building equipment. The free Heavy plasmas should cover your heavy firepower for ground combat - but I'd hang on to the lasers. To avoid any problem with the 80 limit should get the base get attacked, sell off as much battlescape objects as you can that you do not need. Ship components, alloys, elerium and anything that does not get generated in the battlescape can just keep piling up.

That would be an idea scenario for your stockpile base where ALL the raw materials are kept. Just transfer stuff to other bases when and where necessary.

But as it is, it's no big deal. You can still easily manage the game with two or three stores with careful store management.