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I've noticed something very odd. This has happened on two of my recent missions.

Soldier gets knocked unconscious by enemy fire. I'd no way of finding out how many fatal wounds (if any) they had.

In the first mission, the solder died from a fatal wound at the start of the next turn. In the second mission, the soldier died a few turns later (three I think) from a fatal wound.

Both missions were completed successfully, and the "X-COM OPERATIVES KILLED" figure tallied up - i.e. all squad members killed (including those who died from a fatal wound) were accounted for.

Yet, when I went back to the Geoscape and had a look at my soldier roster to see how many I needed to buy to replace the squad's full compliment, the soldiers who died from wounds were there. They were listed in WOUNDED state and had 11 and 14 days of recovery time respectively.

This is on X-COM Collector's Edition. Any ideas?