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Firepower Analysis

(Notes, to move to Weapon Analysis later).

  • vs Heavy Cannon - GC-AP has about 10% less firepower in Snap, about 15% more in Aimed. First shot kill probabilities are higher due to the higher damage. GC-HE is generally slightly more effective than GC-AP, which is the reverse of the situation with the Heavy Cannon. GC-HE is slightly more effective (5%) than HC-HE in best mode (Snap). The higher damage/penetration level is important vs the more heavily armoured types. In raw power (not adjusted for armour) the GC firepower is broadly the same as the Heavy Cannon, with the main advantage being the 1/3 greater ammo capacity. Given the generally heavier level of armour in TFTD, on balance the GC is a better weapon for TFTD than the HC would have been.
  • vs Hydrojet Cannon - In Snap mode, about 2/3 more firepower with AP ammo and about 40% more with HE. Of course, the HjC can fire 14 Snap rounds to the GC's 8, 75% more. The HjC's Auto mode edges out the GC Snap mode by about 25% in AP and 50% in HE. In these modes of course the ammo advantage is reversed - HjC having half as much burst capacity as the GC has Snap capacity. In Aimed mode the GC is far superior, 50% better with HE and nearly double with AP. All in all, which weapon to use on underwater missions is a finely balanced decision.
  • vs JetHarpoon - significantly superior on all measures vs both Auto and Snap modes. There is no point carrying a JetHarpoon. Even a weakling can carry a Gas Cannon or a Hydrojet Cannon with a single AP clip loaded.
  • vs Dart Gun - since Dart Guns are 2 to 3 times weaker than Jet Harpoons it's not even worth it for a grenadier. Even with the one-hand penalty a Gas Cannon (or Hydrojet Cannon) is far, far better than a Dart Gun.
NB - Firepower defined as: Average damage on-target per unit of time (%TU). The rates above
are for unarmoured targets. The heavier weapons are even more favoured vs armoured targets.

Spike 18:13, 18 December 2008 (CST)