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Does anyone know if the hovertank/launcher is capable of reaction fire? If so, any idea how many TU's it takes to do so?

Also, Do you need to research fusion balls to get the Hovertank/launcher? --Papa Legba 14:26, 9 Dec 2005 (PST)

I've never personally seen the fusion hovertanks use reaction fire, but I distinctly remember blaster launchers (and TFTD's DPL launchers) being fired via reaction fire.

A reaction shot with a guided missile weapon is essentially a normal attack, but with only 1 waypoint. So if the fusion hovertank ever did perform a reaction shot, it would use the normal attack cost .

By the way, a levitating hover tank can never be hit from the under-side even if fired upon from below. The only exception being area-effect weapons. Strange, but tested and true.


Only area-effect weapons go through the underside armor? I defer to the testing, but I would swear that an tank hovering above an alien take more damage than one sitting next to an alien. Perhaps that's because it presents a larger profile to the shooter, though.

I'm almost positive that a reaction-fired blaster requires fewer TU's than a normal shot, though. In my more foolish days, I would send blaster troops in on the front line of a UFO raid. After I lost my first squad to a reaction-fired blaster round, I took care to always move them so much that they had fewer TU's than was required for a normal blaster shot, at least 4-10 TU less in fact. Even when they didn't have enough TU's to fire a normal shot, they would sometimes reaction-shoot their blasters.

Yes, it took me that many screwups to stop sending the blasters in with the front line. --Papa Legba 22:36, 11 December 2005 (PST)

Tank vs. Human ammo count

I wouldn't say that the Blaster Bomb HWP has MUCH more ammo then a person. 1 person can carry 6 rounds total, that's 1 loaded 2 in the belt, 3 in the backpack, and holding 1 in the off hand. That's 6 compared to the 8 of the HWP, of which the power is less. Also if that person using the BL is standing on top of a stack of rounds in whatever troop carrier you happen to be using, they could in effect have MUCH more ammo then the HWP.

- Mzuz