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  • Note: The Sonic Pulser, Magna-Pack Explosive, Particle Disturbance Grenade, and Magna-Blast Grenade have negative values for the amount of power needed to destroy them, making them effectively indestructible.

Negative? We are talking about OBDATA.DAT [042], correct? That's a single byte unsigned variable with values that go up to 255, so negatives are not even possible.

I just looked at the CE and DOS OBDATA.DAT files for TFTD and these are the values for offset 42:

  • Sonic Pulser: 50
  • Magna-Pack: 60
  • Particle Disturbance: 50
  • Magna-Blast: 50

Magna-Blast grenades (with an "armor" of 50) should be impervious to their own explosions (listed strength of 50 average damage), so you can dump as many of these in one spot and not worry about them annihilating each other. But all the other explosives/grenades have an armor which is less than the explosive strength they produce. This means item destruction. Haven't tested this though. --Zombie 11:23, 30 April 2009 (EDT)

Edit: Sorry folks, must've been looking at the wrong offset in obdata.dat: [041] instead of [042]. Here are the correct values:

  • Sonic Pulser: 150
  • Magna-Pack: 140
  • Particle Disturbance: 150
  • Magna-Blast: 150
  • Dye Grenade: 110

So it looks like all of them will easily survive their own blasts. Again, sorry about the incorrect info before. ;) --Zombie 00:32, 8 May 2009 (EDT)