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Effects of different items

I have not tested many combinations yet, but here are some initial observations:

1) Stacking two objects in one hand counts as one object for purposes of accuracy calculations. (Tested with Heavy Laser/Psi-Amp.)

2) To be able to use an item (Stun Rod, Psi-Amp) and a weapon, the weapon must be placed first.

3) If stacking two weapons, the one that will be used seems to be the first one in the item list. (I tried stacking a Pistol and a Heavy Laser in both possible orders; the pistol fired in both cases.)

4) If the total number of available actions exceeds five, then the game crashes. (I think that this is true, because a Laser Rifle/Psi-Amp crashes [Throw, Panic, MC, Snap, Auto, Aimed = 6], but Heavy Laser/Psi-Amp does not [Throw, Panic, MC, Snap, Aimed = 5]).

TODO: More testing. -- NinthRank 15:35, 6 November 2007 (PST)