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Detektyw: Actually, as I recall, it's been conclusively demonstrated that shooting X-COM soldiers(or HWPs) does NOT incremement the experience counter for hits or reactions, even if the unit being fired at is currently under alien mind control. Assuming that this data is correct, this means that your new method wouldn't work. Arrow Quivershaft 10:46, 28 December 2007 (PST)

I recall that MC'd agents don't trigger reaction fire, period.--(name here) 20:03, 28 December 2007 (PST)

On further recollection and some basic testing, this is indeed true. MC'd X-COM troops do not trigger reaction fire(nor do they increment Firing Accuracy experience if hit under any circumstance.) Arrow Quivershaft 20:22, 28 December 2007 (PST)

They don't trigger reaction fire. However, I seem to remember from when I tested it ages ago that you do earn firing accuracy experience from hitting them. But I can't remember for sure.--Ethereal Cereal 17:13, 3 January 2008 (PST)

Looking at the Firing Accuracy page, it appears that the final determiner for whether a unit gives Firing Accuracy experience when hit is who is controlling the unit while it is hit. A unit under alien control will give soldiers firing accuracy when hit, regardless of if it is an actual alien or a MC'ed soldier. Likewise, units under X-COM control, soldiers or MC'ed aliens, would give aliens firing accuracy experience(if the aliens even track that. It's not like they gain any benefit). Arrow Quivershaft 17:28, 3 January 2008 (PST)

Incendiary ammo

Jasonred: The reason for using the Laser Pistol is based almost entirely on the fact that it does not require ammunition, which means you can hand it to the alien and let it go; no need to continuously MC it to hand ammunition over. Also, if firing the Laser Pistol on auto mode, the AI will rapidly get to 0% TUs, which is more or less the bottom of the initiative queue. Arrow Quivershaft 18:47, 18 March 2009 (EDT)

Er.... no... the reason for using Laser Pistols is based on the fact that I brought a pile of Laser Pistols into combat... as I said, I was the originator of this technique, you can check the old forums and history. Why was I using Laser Pistols? Because they were the best 1 handed weapon, and my guys mainly were holding Psi-Amps in their other hand.

Anyhow, firing the laser pistol on auto mode only uses up 25% TU each time... it is far more likely that an alien will fire the laser pistol ONCE on snap shot, then will immediately get killed by a hail of Xcom reaction fire.

Whereas, if it fires a Large Rocket, it will fire once, and likely everyone on your team would now qualify for a reaction shot.

The other reason I gave the aliens laser pistols was to make the fight "pretty". I would typically bring in 20 laser pistols on 10 troops. Then I would disarm all the aliens, then give laser pistols to 10 of them, and create a rather ridiculous "line in the sand" "Wild Wild West" scenario, with both forces directly facing each other, full TU, waiting for the coin to hit the floor and the festivities to begin.

Those fights were GLORIOUS.

Now, I have better knowledge of game mechanics than I had back then. For one thing, I had no idea how fire worked, I gave up using it after hitting a reaper with 3 Incendiary Rockets and it had no visible affect.

My Wild Wild West Firefight using AC-IN on both teams will be GLORIOUS. Glorious, glorious, glorious!

I agree that everyone being armed with laser pistols is the most convenient in terms of reloading, and item management, and also neither side runs out of ammo... but a lot of people are willing to arm their entire team with normal pistols, just to make it easier to count shots fired... I think that this incendieries are an equally valid option...

Oh, by the way... I have all SORT of funky shooting scenarios... some of them used to give problems, due to the fact that laser pistols can penetrate rear armor... IN will solve this... and make for REALLY COOL FIREFIGHTS (pun intended). Such as:

Alien Pyromaniacs vs Xcom SWAT team... the aliens are holed up inside a farmhouse! Xcom troops have blocked all exits and are guarding the rooftop escape, time to flush them out!

Alien Kidnappers vs Xcom SWAT rescue... one lone Xcom agent has been captured and surrounded by aliens... the hostage negotiations have reached breaking point... everyone's trigger fingers start itching... who will shoot first? (the aliens will, of course... those rotten fellas) ...

Another way to play this is with 1 unconscious unarmored X-com agent surrounded by aliens. "captain! they have a hostage!" "Use the tear gas and flashbangs!" "... our quartermaster forgot to pack them" "damn! er... well, then we'll have to... er... we'll rescue the hostage by setting fire to the whole place" "... it... it... it just might work???"

Aliens have invaded our base! ... but our Xcom Psi agents have convinced them that they are merely our dinner guests, so they are now disarmed and peaceful. Except... they aren't dinner guests, they are dinner! Not only that, but they will assist preparing the main dish... AC-IN for EVERYONE, and all gather up into the Living Quarters, boys n girls...

Caramel Apple cooking contest. Everyone into the orchard, let the cooking begin!

The BLAZING JUNGLE BATTLE! Can you defeat the aliens forces? (go in without armor for a truly exciting, yet relatively safe, battle experience... your troops are very unlikely to die, if you know what you are doing, but injuries may abound...)

(Desert scenario... sigh... not much flamable stuff here. So...) Captain's battle log... it's so blazing hot out here. I wish this personal armor had climate control like those flying suits... my lips are parched, the sun is burning my face... what I would do for a long cold pitcher of... Aliens! Hiding under the sand! It's an ambush! Damnit, our entire force has been surrounded! ... well, if I die here, at least I don't have to roast on this blazing sand and... oh damnit, they're all toting flamethrowers. Looks like this is just going to be one of those days...

Jasonred 03:30, 19 March 2009 (EDT)