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Guidelines for contributors

We are using the Long War Wiki as a basis for this one.

Most of the work will simply be copying pages and templates from it, and editing them to match LWR's changes. However, it's better to avoid leaving unaltered, copied pages up on our wiki, to avoid misleading users about mod info, and to keep the wiki usable even in its mostly incomplete state. Most explanatory text relating to game mechanics, etc. should remain, but the information should be cut down and/or edited to be LWR-specific, including examples and guides. Ideally, we could also make improvements to page layouts where possible. See how the LWR Page on difficulty differs from the Long War Page, for an example of this.

Be careful about which Categories each page has, and make sure that the categories used in each page all fall under LWR, or else parts of our wiki might spill into other sections of UFOpaedia. Many new categories may need to be made for LWR.

I would also like more details to be added about LWR-specific mechanics to relevant pages, including SW options that people new to the mod might want to know about. See the Injury and Fatigue page for a few examples.

-- Pathologic, the creator of this wiki

To-do list

  • Update costs and tech requirements for the weapon, armor, and equipment page
  • Fill out the facilities pages (Science, Barracks, etc.)
  • Add updated stat progression tables to each class page
  • Add new sample builds to each class page for LWR
  • Add all Exalt units and the Uber Ethereal to the Aliens tab