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2014-04-21 v1.1

  • the first public version

2014-04-29 v1.11

  • rearranged main screen - moved loft to the right, in vertical manner (it feels more natural).
  • added palette helper with ambiguous colors highlighted.
  • 3D LOFT/animation image is now "rotatable" with mouse button held (rotates 3D LOFT model by steps of 45 degrees, and after releasing button - it returns back to 0), the angle can also be changed with the trackbar (it will be kept).
  • added gamedata path and the config file.
  • added PCK single image/sheet export into the PNG. Saved using current palette.
  • added PCK single image import from the PNG. Preferred PNG format - with untouched vanilla palette. PNGs with screwed palette are also imported (as RGBA images), but most probably it could cause color ambiguity. RGB without alpha are ignored.
  • added "orphan" PCK color tagging (they are red-yellow). Lots of them can be found in the TFTD.
  • added insert of blank PCK, and delete of "orphan" PCK (when trying to delete used one, it will tell you which MCDs are using it). MCD+PCK integrity is kept (other PCKs referenced in other MCDs of same tileset are updated).
  • fixed working folder change issue (relative paths were changed after getting into other folder in file selector).

2014-05-01 v1.12

  • added custom MCD open ("Menu->Open MCD" or with checkbox "Custom").
  • in the "Custom mode" you can freely choose gametype, and palette for opened tileset (because it doesn't know what game this tileset for).
  • MCD values list externalized into the config file (MCDEdit.txt), each value discription text is given for the data fields.
  • vanilla tilesets are now marked with * in the list. They are "most preserved" - adding/deleting of MCDs is disallowed, to keep number of MCD in each tileset intact.
  • added "Add MCD" item (adds new MCD at the end).
  • "Checkered" background also affects on MCD list view.

2014-07-22 v1.13

  • compare mode (set with second path in the config).
  • PNG sheet import (in the PCK edit screen). Empty sprites at the end are ignored.
  • added context menu in the MCD selection bar (the same as in the "Edit" menu).
  • added shaded stripe to preview different light levels (with animation on/off by LMB).
  • fixed PNG import (system colors of palette was used for TFTD, by mistake).
  • added "Edit->Save As".
  • improved "Custom MCD" mode with list of neighbour MCDs from same folder and switch to "vanilla mode" if opened the MCD from vanilla folder.

2014-08-01 v1.14

  • added "modified" asterix sign at the header, and warning message before closing/switching to another tileset without saving.
  • added Quick save button.

2014-08-10 v1.15

  • Added context menu "Edit PCK" for zoomed animation sprites.
  • Changed "checkered" to toggle button, reviewed "global" status of it (it's not global in the child windows).
  • "Copy MCD" is now works through the clipboard (as text information), so you can copy/paste them between two running copies of MCDEdit.
  • Currently selected SCANg or PCK is scrolled to view.
  • Added "Edit PCKs" at main screen (button at right top). Similar to PCK selection, but in this mode instead choosing of PCK it opens "PCK Editor".
  • Added "PCK Edit" window:
    • Introducing "Smart drawing" (to skip unnecessary 4-neighbour diagonals).
    • Fast motion drawing works with bresenham filling of intermediates.
    • Introduced isometric template as grid overlay. Interesting thing, that some vanilla tiles are shifted up by 1 pixel, so you can observe they are slightly off. It's not a bug.
    • Introduced UNDO engine for PCK Editor only.
    • Introduced preview of 4 adjacent tiles (handy to interactively see how seamless walls/grounds).

2014-08-17 v1.16

  • Changed text format for text copy/paste of PCKs and selections (now it's more compact).
  • PCK editor:
    • Undo buffer size is increased up to 500 actions.
    • Introduced selection modes: pixel, rectangle, lasso, color. Shift is to add to selection, alt is to subtract.
    • Ctrl+shift+i inverts selection (line in Photoshop), ctrl+a - select all, esc - clears selection, cursor keys moves selection.
    • Color selection mode also works for palette.
    • Delete selected (filled with background color of RMB) - del key, and filling selected (color of LMB) with ins key.
    • Added simple color manipulation for selection: group change (by 16), shade change (by 1), with clamping of values.
    • Introduced copy/paste mode (textual form through the clipboard), shortcuts - ctrl+c, ctrl+v.
    • Introduced cut action of selection, like in Photoshop (ctrl+mouse drag, or ctrl+cursor keys).
    • Added "wrap" trigger - it works for scrolling of selections and pasted fragments.

2014-09-08 v1.16a

  • Fixed bug with edit->paste.
  • Fixed bug with transparency for SCANg.
  • Optimized animation of shaded stripe.

2014-09-18 v1.16b

  • Added support of larger PCKs (more than 65536+), by ignoring of TAB indexes. In case of going beyond of that index in TAB, it will warn, but still allows for saving. OpenXcom is capable of loading PCKs with screwed TAB indexes.
  • Added checking of PCK count going beyond 256, and MCD count going beyond 255.
  • Fixed import of PNG->PCK images, which are using "system" colors (after accidental hit into "forbidden" part).

2014-12-23 v1.17

  • MCD Edit:
  • PCK Selector is now just PCK selector, like LOFT and SCANG, without any other functions (like import/export).
  • PCK Selector now caches the sheet image, so it should work faster.
  • PCK Selector checkered/palette doesn't affect on respective MCD Edit values, it also increases speed.
  • "Edit PCKs" button now opens PCK Editor instead of PCK Selector, with PCK from selected MCD.
  • Saving layout: last opened MCD file, selected MCD, PCK, trackbar and positions.
  • Shutting down OS now leads to requester with timer, automatically saving if no reaction for 5 seconds.
  • MCD file name is now shown without extension (no need to).
  • Optimized PCK/MCD list rendering. Now it updates only changed parts.
  • When changing animation sprite the MCD Edit can dynamically change "orphan" red tag in opened PCK editor.
  • "Repeated" animation PCKs are now checkered-transparent, and values are greyed, so you can see key frames as normal.
  • When changing "Key frame" PCK, it also replaces every other "repeated" PCK, so you can change ALL images of static MCD with one click.
  • Switching MCD file after making changes in PCKs now asks for saving changes.
  • When switching between MCD files it resets current MCD and PCK (if opened) to 0.
  • Updated MCD field descriptions.
  • PCK Edit:
    • Mouseover color palette and colorpicker will show actual color even for tftd system palette part. Though they are still unselectable.
    • Window is no longer modal, and having its own taskbar button.
    • Added sprite stripe to switch between PCKs, and import/export/copy/paste from context menu.
    • Added main menu.
    • In "Paste" mode fragment is visually displayed as "hovering" above.
    • In "Paste" mode now it's possible to change "foreground"/"background" apply mode (new button).
    • Buttons/Controls rearrangement.
    • "Enter" - apply current Paste
    • "Confirm" checkbox - silently saving changes when switching PCK or closing window.
    • Fixed: Insert/Delete didn't update palette "info dots".
    • Ctrl+S - saving PCK (the same as "Save to memory").
    • Ctrl+X - cut selected fragment.
    • Fixed: Ctrl+C/X doesn't clear the clipboard buffer if nothing is selected.
    • "Paste" mode now doesn't destroy pixels outside of sprite until applied (you can move beyond the sprite and back).
    • Ctrl+D - deselect. Esc as well.
    • Shift+Ctrl+D - "Reselect". Selects previously selected area (before it was deselected).
    • Dynamic changing status of Undo-Redo and Reselect in Menu.
    • First undo (ctrl+Z) was ignored before some delay.
    • Ctrl is not necessary to move pasted fragment. Either for cursor keys, or mouse (pointer has to be over it, and it should be paste mode).
    • Map preview window with ability to choose every PCK sprite and vertical offset for each.
    • Preview map scrolling with control buttons.
    • Can select empty sprite, which will get max+1 PCK index upon save.
    • When PCK is selected through the preview, it switches into "Show surroundings" mode (hotkey "Q").
    • Trigger to disable/enable dots in the center of pixels, representing "covered pixels" (hotkey ",").
    • Sprites of surroundings are drawn with purple borders, so you can see where they are overlapping each other.
    • "Space" - switch to the PCK from the surrounding (in zoomed view) under mouse pointer.
    • Import of Xcom1/2 MAP files as preview, with "mcd offset" value to arrange pck indexes (all indexes out of range are filtered out)
    • Added shortcuts F1-F5 for edit/draw mode select, and "'", ";", ".", "," for view mode triggers.
    • Fixed mouse pointer changing during popup menues and hold'n'draw.
    • Preview map size adjustment dialog window.
    • Short click without move clears selection.

2015-01-28 v1.17a

  • PCK Edit:
    • Added "Area selection" (Wand tool), working in 4-connected mode. Shortcut is F5, so Drawing tool shortcut is changed to F6 (from F5).
    • Added Shift+Draw for drawing straight/diagonal/isometric lines (fixed angles).

2015-02-07 v1.17b

  • PCK Edit:
    • Added "Show surrounding outlines" button, to hide dotted contours around tiles in "show neighbour" mode. With shortcut "[".

2015-02-09 v1.17c

  • Added "Append MCD" (File menu) - chosing another MCD file to be added to the end of current (including PCK and all necessary reference values). MCD count shouldn't exceed 255.
  • Added command line options, which override corresponding .lyt file values during the start (case sensitive):
 -custom_mcd [true/false, if it's custom MCD mode or not]
 -game_type [1/2]
 -pal_idx [0-4]
 -mcd_pref [full path to mcd folder]
 -selectedfilename [mcd/pck/tab filename without extension]
 -SelectMCD [selected mcd ID]
  • Added special file (MCD_Saved.dat), which will receivereach saved file absolute path and filename (without extension).
  • RMB click to MCD list doesn't selcet clicked MCD anymore.
  • Added multiple MCD selection (shift, ctrl)
  • Added delete/clear/copy/paste MCDs throughout selected.
  • Paste MCDs works in two modes: 1. Only one MCD is selected during paste - it will override MCDs sequentially from the buffer; 2. Multiple MCDs are selected during paste (as targets) - it will run through selected MCDs and will override them from the buffer, if buffer run out of MCDs - it will start from first in the buffer (so if copy 1, and paste to 10 will clone it);
  • When multiple MCDs are selected, it becomes possible to modify values of selected MCDs at once (works only for data values, no SCANG, sprite or LOFT). If values are different throughout the selection, it will show "mix".

2015-02-10 v1.17d

  • PCK Edit:
    • Added multiple PCK selection (shift, ctrl)
    • Added deletion of multiple PCKs.

2015-02-18 v1.17e

  • Added aggregation of SCANG, PCK numbers (animation) and LOFTs for multiple selected MCDs, and multiple modification.
  • When there's no multiple selected MCDs, it will paste MCD only for single selection (previously paste worked sequentially).
  • PCK Edit:
    • More informative PCK deletion error.
    • Fixed png import with untouched palette (they were still re-converted for first 16 columnts).
    • Added copy/paste into/from clipboard of multiple PCKs
    • Added export/import from PNG of multiple PCKs (the way similar to sheet - side by side, 10 in row)

2015-02-19 v1.17f

  • Added multiple MCDs adding to menu (1,5 and 15)
  • PCK Edit:
    • Added multiple PCKs adding to menu (1,5 and 15)

2015-04-06 v1.17g

  • PCK Edit:
    • Fixed RGBA png import.
    • Fixed insert new PCK.
    • Added "Settings" menu with PCK sheet margin/spacing options and number of sprites per row for export.

2015-06-21 v1.17h

  • MCD Edit:
  • Adding/Deleting MCDs will change particular fields accordingly (Alt_MCD/Die_MCD fields), including consideration if it's a "door" field or not. Special characters are needed at the tail of particular field names to work properly.
  • Informative warning message if you're trying to delete MCDs which are used in other MCDs (as Alt_MCD/Die_MCD).
  • PCK Edit:
    • PasteMode is not going to be turned off in Draw mode until you start drawing.
    • Hover color info and highlight cross now works correcty with overlay/underlay "pasted" fragment.
    • Added tools to rotate (CW/CCW) + Flip (Horizontal/vertical) of selection or "pasted" fragment.
    • Additional small fixes.

2015-06-23 v1.17i

  • MCD Edit:
  • Alt_MCD/Die_MCD readjustment rules are changed - now it affects Alt_MCD only if it's a door, and Die_MCD only if it's not 0.
  • Same rules are applied when "Append MCDs" happens (through File menu).
  • Doesn't allow adding MCDs more than 256 (either through Add or Append or Insert).
  • Fixed graying add/del/ins options for "vanilla" MCDsets (as it meant to be eariler) - now you can't accidentally change number of vanilla tiles.
  • Showing in which MCDs selected one is used (as Alt/Die) at the right part of the Status Bar.
  • Showing red dots at the "Used" MCDs (the ones which are better not to delete).
  • Fixed wrong "using: MCDs" in warnings when deleting them.
  • If Used MCDs are still deleted, the Using MCDs are getting wrong value replaced with even more wrong "255" (to make it easier to catch).

2016-08-27 v1.17j

  • PCK Edit:
    • Added new command line option "-pckonly" which runs program in single-window PCK edit mode, without need of MCD files.
    • Separate configuration/layout file pckedit.lyt for standalone PCK mode (without interfering with mcdedit+pckedit settings).
    • View->Height 48 option toggles full PCK height, useful for bigobs.
    • Import and export of png sheets are now depend on Height 48 mode (either 40 or 48 pixels height).