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just a thought. there seems to be a 'lets jump straight in' sorta attitutde with the main page, there is/are no clicky links to info pages for each of these games which would help some new ppl who are looking for info, find that we don't have nOOb info, so they they just wonder off. If we are gonna keep these game recycled thru the ages... then we'd better have some sort of noob info happening, as:

  • Different Versions
  • Hardware Specs
  • How to get working in Windoze
  • What this game is about
  • Screenshots (which show the game well, not just "sick-ass" screenies)
  • WHat ppl liked about the game
  • Who made this game (like a bit of back ground info)

I noticed that there is no "info" heading at the start of game sections....