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Note that the Medikit can also be used to revive the morale of uninjured aquanauts as well. You just give them a shot of the pain killer.4th Cuirassier 09:52, 10 January 2011 (EST)

Rationale re EU Medi-Kit

What is more difficult to explain is why X-Com bases in TFTD are not equipped with EU-era Medi-Kits at the beginning of the game. There is no reason why EU-era Medi-Kits could not be used for land missions (Port, Shipping Lane, Island) as well as for Base Defence.

A possible technical solution ("Mod") would be to begin the game with Medi-Kits available for purchase, and probably with some already in Inventory, but with the "works underwater" flag set to No. IF this flag is checked, or can be made to be checked, for a Medi-Kit. The research project of TFTD Medi-Kit would then have the effect of setting the flag to Yes. But, (underwater) Medi-Kits are supposed to be a Manufactured item, not a purchased one. And the game is not capable of distinguishing two kinds of Medi-Kit. So all existing EU Medi-Kits would need to be converted (without creating a windfall due to their lower purchase price or higher selling price). This would require that the purchase price of the Medi-Kits at the beginning of the game, prior to research of the underwater Medi-Kit, would need to be set so it is similar to the economic cost of manufacturing a new Medi-Kit. Once the underwater Medi-Kit is researched, Medi-Kits would cease to be a purchasable item and become a Manufactured item. It still would make sense for X-Com to ensure a reasonable number of Medi-Kits were bought, prior to completing the Research. If this is deemed an exploit, the purchase price of the Medi-Kits needs to be set higher until the exploit is deterred. Though it's difficult to justify the purchase price being much higher than the sell price for EU and TFTD Medi-Kits ($45,600). If the purchase cost is set at $45.6K, or maybe around 10% more at $50K (to allow for a profit margin to the non-X-Com manufacturer), then converting existing Medi-Kits to underwater use is probably not too unbalancing.