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I'm trying to get more info on the mixed crew missions. I've just played a mixed crew cruise ship terror mission, on Experienced difficulty. The aliens were as follows:

On deck - 7 Tasoths, 2 Aquatoids, 2 Triscenes, 3 Bio-Drones and 1 Calcinite

Below deck - 6 Tasoths, 2 Aquatoids, 3 Triscenes, 4 Bio-Drones and 1 Xarquid. --Darkpast 18:42, 6 September 2010 (EDT)

I don't know if we have a crew/mission distribution table like we have for UFO, but that's something we ought to compile one of these days. It's easy enough to dredge this info directly out of the game executable if you know where to look. That's not really my forte, but if I can find some spare time I'll have a look. -NKF 01:45, 7 September 2010 (EDT)

Mixed Crew missions are not too frequent, and thre is a possibility that no such a mission happens during the whole campaign. Their contents is an interesting problem to solve.

I have never seen a mission with Bio-Drones and Triscenes side-by-side, either with Tasoths or Tasoths + Aquatoids. But, as I can remember, I have had a Tasoths + Triscenes (only) (shipping route) mission once, as well as some Tasoths + Bio-Drones (only) missions. When repeating them from the same save made before the mission (on geoscape), the content of the crew was still the same (only the number changed) the "ethnic" content of the terror seems to be set at the very beginning of the attack. So, there are two sub-types of Tasoth land missions, with Bio-Drones and with Triscenes. I do not know if the third sub-type, of Tasoths + Bio-Drones + Triscenes, is also possible. If yes, it would be a special kind of "mixed crew". Even if Mutons in UFO:EU are, as a rule, accompanied by both Silacoids and Celatids side-by side, Tasoths's normal behaviour seems to be appearing with only one race of their terrorists on land missions. So, both races with Tasoths would really be a special kind of a mixed crew.

I wonder if there are further sub-types of (true) mixed crew missions. I.e. if a given mission is Mixed Crew Type I, will we always obtain Tasoths + Triscenes + Bio-Drones + Aquatoids + Calcinites + Xarquids? Or are there sub-types with Tasoths + Triscenes but no Bio-Drones, and Tasoths + Bio-Drones but no Triscenes, as it is possible for Tasoth-only missions? I mean situations when the same alien surface attacks, recorded before the beginning of the tactical part, will always lead to the same "racial" contents of the mission, regardless on how many times you repeat the game. Unfortunately, I have no savegames to test this.

I also wonder if Xarquids and Calcinites may occur side-by-side. Anyway, Xarquids are also possible on a port attack mission (unfortunately I cannot remember if with Calcinites or not).

And yet another question. It seems that Tasoths (type I) and Lobster Men (type II) are generally accompanied by their pets, i.e. Tasoths by Triscenes or/and Bio-Drones on land, Lobster Men by Bio-Drones on land, and either race by Tentaculats underwater. At the same time Aquatoids may be accompanied by either their own pets (Calcinites on land and Hallucinoids underwater) or Gill Men's pets (Deep One or/and Xarquids, also in somewhat unexpected configurations, i.e. in improper environment for a race - perhaps this is a bug of the game, Xarquids and Tentaculats do not really look like able to live on land). So, are you completely sure that the formula for Mixed Crew Type II (from the article):

Primarily Lobster Men with Bio-Drones/Calcinites (on land) or Tentaculats/Hallucinoids (underwater) for terror units, with some Aquatoids mixed in and a tiny number of Deep Ones (on land) or Xarquids (underwater)

is fully correct?

One would expect that Calcinites accompany Aquatoids, not Lobster Men. A practical difference is that a land mission with Lobster Man + Calcinites + Aquatoids + Deep Ones (with no "correct" Lobster Men's pets) would be possible if you were right. I have not seen such a mission at all, have you?

Sherlock 10:37, 19 January 2013 (EST)

Mixed crew missions

Just noting this here; I'll probably incorporate it into the page when I rewrite it.

Ordinarily, Mixed Crew only perform the Alien Surface Attacks mission (Artefact Sites, and a possibility for ship Terror Sites or ordinary four-subs-leads-to-Port-or-Island missions) and defend established Alien Colonies. They won't even appear for "scheduled" Floating Base Attack missions. However, it is possible to trigger Mixed Crew retaliation if you shoot down the subs leading up to a Port/Island Attack. This is the only way Mixed Crew Survey Ships and Mixed Crew Dreadnoughts can be encountered, as these subs are not found on Alien Surface Attacks missions. It is also the only way to get a Mixed Crew Base Defense. Magic9mushroom (talk) 14:21, 23 December 2019 (CET)