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Some Questions:

  • Do multiple shields all work together, at once, or do they discharge one after another, when being attacked.
  • Pretty sure Psionics are not stopped by shields, not sure on Laser, Plasma, Multiworm Spit, Hyperworm Bite.

thx EsTeR

Personal shields

Right, let's see...

Personal shields provide something like 100 or 200 temporary rechargeable hitpoints per shield (Will need to double check that amount). Each shield works and recharges independantly but the display on your agent's health bar is a combined total all of all the shields. Basically the bar that you see is:

Σ Remaining Shield Power ÷ Σ shield capacity  

Or something like that. So it pays to examine your shields and drop weakened shields for a while so that they don't get destroyed.

Next, shields temporarily protect against all types of damage except: anti-alien toxin, air based stun attacks (not projectile) and Anti-Alien Gas.

Psi isn't a projectile or air-based agent so it also ignores shields. Fire doesn't damage shields, but the AI's automatic reaction to running away from flames still kicks in.

Shields also protect a unit from fall damage.


When any amount of disruptor shields are equipped, the protective fields merge and the blue "shield bar" shows the total of all shields. If I remember correctly, only once all combined shields fail, the entire array of personal disruptor shields are destroyed.

--Karp 04:05, 20 August 2008 (PDT)

Shields work independently in the battlescape and will get destroyed individually as they lose power, but show a unified bar. The cityscape on the other hand combines them into one and zaps the lot once the energy is drained. Hmm, actually does anyone know how the game determines which shield to draw damage from? I'm guessing it might be some sort of first-on-the-list type of thing. - NKF 05:59, 20 August 2008 (PDT)