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Thoughts of Recent Edits

I'm not entirely happy with my choice of words or flow. Will edit (or someone can).

Thoughts In General

Files: Where are the spawn items table located and look for a list of what buildings get what. I always thought my ratio of Psiclones versus spawn location quantity was a bit high. I wish to be proven wrong on the spwan ratios in general and it will finally put to bed the questions I have about how accurate my recent addition is. Editor: Make them random locations and quantity. Doing so will balance out the buildings citywide since Slums - Central Elevator is the best for cash flow.

Add links within the FAQ to:

flyer factory, marsec and megapol, police station, 9-square "pick up range" grid, weights of items, dual wielding, score range, ....

Direction of this Section

Perhaps Tactics should be set up in a similar fashion as the Weapon Analysis section for UFO. Make it a gateway to separate strategy articles that players can refer to. Raids and non-violent raids are arts. They can easily fill several different articles. Besides it would allow for a bit of opinion to go in as well, allowing for a bit of flexibility.

Would this work? -NKF 02:31, 18 September 2009 (EDT)

I'm happy for uniformity. I always wondered why STUN RAIDING was plonked into the main subpage of TACTICS. Considering the minimal linking with this article, it shouldn't be a difficult job to merge it somewhere. Also, I wanted to dump the discussion page content onto the article since there was a request to do so.