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Thoughts of Recent Edits

I'm not entirely happy with my choice of words or flow. Will edit (or someone can).

Thoughts In General

Files: Where are the spawn items table located and look for a list of what buildings get what. I always thought my ratio of Psiclones versus spawn location quantity was a bit high. I wish to be proven wrong on the spwan ratios in general and it will finally put to bed the questions I have about how accurate my recent addition is. Editor: Make them random locations and quantity. Doing so will balance out the buildings citywide since Slums - Central Elevator is the best for cash flow.

Add links within the FAQ to:

flyer factory, marsec and megapol, police station, 9-square "pick up range" grid, weights of items, dual wielding, score range, ....

Direction of this Section

Perhaps Tactics should be set up in a similar fashion as the Weapon Analysis section for UFO. Make it a gateway to separate strategy articles that players can refer to. Raids and non-violent raids are arts. They can easily fill several different articles. Besides it would allow for a bit of opinion to go in as well, allowing for a bit of flexibility.

Would this work? -NKF 02:31, 18 September 2009 (EDT)

I'm happy for uniformity. I always wondered why STUN RAIDING was plonked into the main subpage of TACTICS. Considering the minimal linking with this article, it shouldn't be a difficult job to merge it somewhere. Also, I wanted to dump the discussion page content onto the article since there was a request to do so. EsTeR
I understand what you are asking now. There is a serious lack of any article explaining preferred tactics when combat raiding. Although my (everyones!! ) article is heavily into non-combat raiding, I did make a mental note to look for an article for tactics about using weapons, extras, methods etc. when raiding for death and destruction.
One special note which is sorely missing is the idea that battlescape damage actually matters to a corporation's bottom line (which it doesn't! - government excepted). Obviously if killing enemies is the order of the day, building damage sustained is a non issue. However, I have many a time caught myself having an evil chuckle to myself when I visit a warehouse with one agent armed with an AC and a backup full of IN clips. One round can make a whole room burn to a crisp (and a nice cratering explosion when the storage boxes light up) because of a wooden floor. At the end of the day, the corp. is hostile and their fluid funds (mentioned in Xcom-o-pedia, Corp. Tab) are negative. Since the cash flow of the corporation is wholly and utterly irrelevant to the future actions of them, causing damage inside a corp building on purpose to decrese their funds is a non-issue (unless its the government = lower to zero funding if they are in the red).
unless I didn't look thru properly, I don't see this mentioned anywhere. EsTeR 17:34, 19 September 2009 (EDT)