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God God Ethereal, you've done it again!

These are real good, hard numbers. They can be compared against Profitability and Country Funding (once it's copied in) to make comparisons over time. ("An early operation can expect to get x mil/month from country funding, y mil/month from recovery, and little or none from manufacturing. A mature operation might make ... yada yada yada")

I would give a higher estimate than 180k recovery per alien, once they've progressed to heavy plasmas. In my experience, the majority have HPs, a few have Blasters, and one or two have a Stun Bomb. (I wonder if certain types of aliens, such as navigators, carry certain types of weapons? hmm.) In other words, the average is likely to be higher than 205k, not lower, IME. Once they're carrying HPs.

I see you got wiki tables to work ok. I never could figure them out in a way that I liked. I still prefer text tables; they're more compact. Anyway, good for you... I'll probably peek at what you did, and might try it. Do you run your tables through a "wiki table maker" somewhere? Most of my stuff is in Excel before I post it to the wiki, if that matters.

I wonder where they (Danial?) got the counts for Alien Deployment on UFOs... from the OSG? (I don't have an OSG.) I'd be interested in a similar count/recovery estimate for bases. So I know how they compare to UFO raids. And how much they're worth it (or not) to make "milking" raids, just to recover stuff.

---MikeTheRed 22:23, 22 May 2006 (PDT)

I chose 180k to take into account the difficulty of unloading all clips and the likelihood that the aliens are going to get off at least some shots. It also somewhat reflects the lower values you'll see at the beginning of the game (Mind Probes notwithstanding). Call it a slightly conservative estimate.

Yeah, wiki tables are kind of a pain, but if you're doing lots of similar tables, they're much easier to use once you get the basic formatting set up. The big thing for me is the spacing -- by default, there's not enough padding between columns (they're too compact) which is why I use the "width" tag. It's all hand-coded, and I might've made an error here or there.

I wonder where the deployment #s come from too, but they're great to have. I think I've seen slightly different numbers on occasion, but they seem mostly correct.

I'm kinda surprised no one's OCR'ed the OSG yet, copyright violation notwithstanding.

--Ethereal Cereal 23:36, 22 May 2006 (PDT)

I have yet to get an OSG... in some ways it's helped that I don't have one; there were a few points where I didn't assume things that e.g. Zombie had seen in the OSG, which led to new insights. I can't recall any clear cases of the OSG being majorly wrong though (i.e., not counting a few typos). Some stuff on the wiki also originally came from Chang's USG, but it's known to have quite a few typos, esp. for alien stats. Good point about OCRing, but it would require work on somebody's part, shrug.

That's fine for the prices. Dealer's choice. I would've assumed only a few would get off a shot, maybe 3 of 10, for an average of, eh, 1.7 clips and 0.9 AGs, shrug. But this is for later combats (all HP, with serious MC ability). Maybe break out early combats from late ones?? Your choice... the page is a bit long already, and it's easy for me to ask you to do more work, laugh.

---MikeTheRed 11:36, 23 May 2006 (PDT)