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(Just a poser about alien interrogation.)
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I can't think of anywhere else to put this.

A thought occurred to me late last night. I doubt that the Gollop brothers actually went this far, but it'd be interesting to see if there is anything like this in the game.

X-COM units stun alien units to bring them back to base alive, to interrogate them and learn more about the alien threat.

If alien units successfully manage to knock X-COM units unconscious, and either the mission fails or the mission is aborted, leaving the stunned soldiers behind, do the aliens take the stunned units back and interrogate them (using psionics?) to try and learn the location of X-COM bases?

Like I said, I doubt this is in the game but it'd be a damn good thing to have in any remake. -- GazChap 14:54, 1st August 2006 (BST)