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Notes to Firepower tables:

As others have noted, damage modifiers and armour play a big part in TFTD. The values shown don't include either factor, and as a result they favour light rapid fire weapons over low rate of fire, hard-hitting weapons (such as Sonics, Gas Cannon) which are actually more effective in the game than these numbers suggest.

The numbers shown here can be taken as reasonably accurate for fighting Aquatoids.

I have not included any melee weapons except Thermal Tazers, as I don't have the data yet. This is a shame as the drills probably have the highest firepower of all (once you get close). Actually, for this reason, all melee weapons should only be included in the "Shock" section, never in the "Skirmish" section.

The assumed base Firing Accuracy for Skirmish calculations is 50. The assumed Throwing Accuracy is 65. The assumed Melee Accuracy is 30 (however certain melee attacks always hit).

Spike 23:41, 4 April 2009 (EDT)