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== General Information ==
[[Image:tank_cannon.png|right|framed| Tank/Cannon]]
[[Image:tank_cannon.png|right| Tank/Cannon]]
[[Image:BIGOBS40.GIF|right|thumb|64 px|Tank Turret]]
[[Image:BIGOBS40.GIF|right|framed|Tank Turret]]
The Tank/Cannon is the first of two [[:Category:Heavy Weapons Platforms|HWP]]s available to new [[X-COM]] Commanders.  
The Tank/Cannon is the first of two [[:Category:Heavy Weapons Platforms|HWP]]s available to new [[X-COM]] Commanders.  

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Tank Turret

The Tank/Cannon is the first of two HWPs available to new X-COM Commanders.

The Tank/Cannon carries a cannon that fires powerful armour-piercing rounds. Up to 30 rounds can be loaded for a single mission.

While it is universally considered to be the least exceptional of all the HWPs, the Tank/Cannon can still surpass the Tank/Rocket Launcher for ammunition longevity. Particularly when combating Cyberdiscs. Where a Tank/Rocket Launcher will rapidly deplete its ammo after combating a few of these enemies, the Tank/Cannon will often have ample supplies of ammunition left over to take down several more.

Unlike the Tank/Rocket Launcher, which can still be useful in later stages of the campaign, the Tank/Cannon is immediately outclassed by the Tank/Laser Cannon and the Hovertank/Plasma. Until then, its main function is to fill in any voids that the Tank/Rocket Launcher leaves behind.

Vital Statistics


Tracked Tank Specs
Time Units 70
Health 90
Energy 100
Bravery 110
Reactions 20
Firing Accuracy 60
Throwing Accuracy 0
Strength 60
Psionic Strength 100
Psionic Skill 0
Front 90
Left/Right 75
Rear 60
Under 60

Cannon Turret Specifications
Type HWP Cannon Shells
Damage 60 Armour Piercing
Rounds 30
Purchase Price $200
Sale Price $100
Firing Modes Accuracy Cost
Aimed 90%(54%) 80%(56)
Snap 60%(36%) 33%(23)
Auto n/a n/a
Numbers in parenthesis are the actual values after modified by the chassis' abilities.
Actual costs are in fixed Time Units

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