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General Information

This is one of the first two HWPs available to new X-COM Commanders, and also the least remarkable.

The Tank/Cannon carries (unsurprisingly) a cannon that fires powerful armour-piercing rounds. Up to 30 rounds can be loaded for a single mission.

While it is universally considered to be the least exceptional of all the HWPs, the Tank/Cannon can still surpass the Tank/Rocket Launcher on occasion during the early stages of a campaign against enemy Terror Units that are resistant to high explosive attacks.

In particular, the heavily armoured Cyberdiscs and Chryssalids. As the Tank/Rocket Launcher only carries a small supply of rockets, X-COM commanders tend to end up with rocket tanks stranded in the field with no means of defending itself. A single cannon tank can often deal with several Cyberdiscs or Chryssalids without spending all of its cannon shells.

Unlike the Tank/Rocket Launcher, which can still be useful in later stages of the campaign against most lightly armoured enemies, the Tank/Cannon is immediately outclassed by the Tank/Laser Cannon and the Hovertank/Plasma. Until then, its main function is to fill in any voids that the Tank/Rocket Launcher leaves behind.

Vital Statistics

Time Units:70
Front Armour:90
Left/Right Armour:75
Rear Armour:60
Under Armour:60
Weapon Power:60 (Armour-Piercing)
Ammunition Type:HWP Cannon Rounds
Rounds Required:30
Cannon Turret Specifications
Type HWP Cannon Shells
Damage 60 Armour Piercing
Rounds 30
Purchase Price $200
Sale Price $100
Firing Modes Accuracy Cost
Aimed 90%(54%) 80%(56)
Snap 60%(36%) 33%(23)
Auto n/a n/a
Numbers in parenthesis are the actual values after modified by the chassis' abilities.
Actual costs are in fixed Time Units

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