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A Technician is one of the middle tier Alien Ranks and is exculsive to Terror From the Deep. It is directly equivalent to the Engineer Alien Rank in Enemy Unknown. Their role is to keep the Alien Subs operational, and are often found near the Ion Beam Accelerators. It is for this reason that they are the crew members most likely to die when the Alien Sub is downed by an X-Com interception craft.

In combat a Technician has slightly superior fighting skills to a Soldier, and Aquatoid Technicians are capable of making (relatively) weak M.C. attacks. Tasoths never use Technicians.



  • Only Lobster Men deploy Technicians on their Cruisers. Aquatoids and Gillmen will use Medics or Squad leaders instead.
  • Gillmen and Lobster Men don't use Medics, and will deploy an equivalent number of additional Technicians or Squad Leaders instead.
  • Tasoths never use Technicians; they will be replaced by Soldiers on Tasoth subs.
  • None of the above has been taken into account in the following table.
Alien Sub Type Beg./Exp. Vet./Gen. Super.
Survey Ship000
Heavy Cruiser112
Fleet Supply Cruiser1-212
Alien Colony???
Artefact Site000

TO DO: check game files for number of technicians at Alien Colonies

Captured Technicians

Interrogating a captured Technician will provide details of one of the 8 Alien Subs.

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