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| s_image =
| s_caption = 
| s_link =
| s_name = 
| s_descr =
| s_info = {{ {{subst:FULLPAGENAME}}/Info }}
| b_name = {{{ b_name | 1 }}}
| b_descr = {{{ b_descr | 0 }}}
| b_info = {{{ b_info | 0 }}}


s_image : Image filename without link or prefix, but including extension, e.g. Image_name.jpg. This get's expanded in the template to blahblah

s_caption : Rollover text for the main image.

s_link : Title of page on wiki or URL for the main image to link to.

s_name : The perk/ability name.

s_descr : A (shortish) description of the perk.

s_info : Rollover text for the info icon. In practice this should always point to the template's Info subpage via transclusion (see skeleton above) so that it can be referenced elsewhere easily.

b_name : description

b_descr : description

b_info : description

Notes About the Boolean Parameters

The skeleton above treats these as passthroughs. It is expected that these parameters will be set wherever someone wants to include the ability info, and not inside the template itself. The skeleton above will take the parameters given from the initial call (say from the Main Page) and pass them on to this template.

If that didn't make sense, look at Category:Perks (Long War 2) for examples.