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Values inside ( ) are after the Integrated Warfare GTS project, which adds a flat +1 for Conditioning and Speed PCS chips, and does +25% rounded off the base value of other PCS chips.
More info is needed on how this Project affects the various sims

Icon Personal Combat Sim Effect Basic Advanced Superior
LW implants dodge.png Agility +Dodge 10-15 (12-18) 15-20 (18-25) 20-25 (25-31)
XCOM2 implants health.png Conditioning +Health 1 (2) 2 (3) 3 (4)
LW implants defense.png Defense +Defense 3-5 6-8 9-10
XCOM2 implants will.png Focus +Will 10-15 (12-18) 15-20 (18-25) 20-25 (25-31)
LW implants firecontrol.png Fire Control Do not take Overwatch shot below (x)% chance to hit 25 50 75
LW implants hacking.png Hacking +Hacking 5-7 (6-8) 8-11 (10-13) 12-15 (15-18)
XCOM2 implants offense.png Perception +Aim 3-4 5-6 7-8
XCOM2 implants psi.png Psi +PsiOffense 3-5 6-8 9-10
XCOM2 implants mobility.png Speed +Mobility 1 (2) 2 (3) 3 (4)

Icon Personal Combat Sim Effect
LW implants impactfield.png Impact Fields Activate a force field that reduces incoming damage by 33% for two turns. Six-turn cooldown (including the turn in which it was activated). Uses one action and doesn't automatically end your turn. Armor-Piercing weapons do not mitigate this effect.
LW implants bodyshield.png Body Shield A targeted enemy receives -20 aim and -50 critical chance against the soldier.
LW implants threatassessment.png Combat Awareness Gain 15 defense and an armor point when in overwatch.
LW implants combatrush.png Combat Rush Combat Rush triggers when you kill an enemy unit and provides allies within seven tiles +10 aim, +10 critical chance and +1 mobility. The effect lasts until the end of the following turn after the kill. It can only trigger every five turns.
LW implants damagecontrol.png Damage Control Your armor hardens temporarily after an impact. After taking damage, gain two armor through the end of the next turn. Taking multiple hits on successive turns extends the timer.
LW implants depthperception.png Depth Perception Gain 5 aim and reduce enemies' dodge by 25 when at a higher elevation than your target.
LW implants emergencylifesupport.png Emergency Life Support Emergency Life Support make the first check for bleeding out each mission an automatic success. Adds two turns to the bleedout timer.
LW implants hyperreactivepupils.png Hyper-Reactive Pupils Gain +10 aim for your next shot with your primary weapon after a miss. Bonus applies until the next time you hit a target or the mission ends. Area-of-Effect-based shots do not induce the bonus.
LW implants ironskin.png Iron Skin Incoming melee damage is reduced by 3.
LW implants smartmacrophages.png Smart Macrophages When calculating post-mission wound recovery time, the number of hit points lost during a battle is reduced by one. You are immune to poison and acid.