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Ability Rank Ability
{{{Initiate1}}} Initiate {{{Initiate2}}}
{{{Subclass1}}} {{{Subclass2}}}
{{{Acolyte1}}} Acolyte {{{Acolyte2}}}
{{{Adept1}}} Adept {{{Adept2}}}
{{{Disciple1}}} Disciple {{{Disciple2}}}
{{{Mystic1}}} Mystic {{{Mystic2}}}
{{{Warlock1}}} Warlock {{{Warlock2}}}
{{{Magus1}}} Magus {{{Magus2}}}
{{{Master1}}} Master {{{Master2}}}
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Template documentation(for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)
{{Psi Tree (LW2)|

Perks should be in the following format:

{{Stasis (LW2)| b_descr = 1 }}
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