Terrorist (Alien Rank)

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A Terrorist is not in the normal hierarchy of Alien Ranks, and only present on large UFOs, and at Alien Bases. Their role is to provide combat support and strike terror into the hearts of civilians that witness their sometimes devestating attacks.

Unlike most Alien Ranks the Terrorists are not of the same race as that performing the mission in question, so they usually differ quite radically in combat abilities from their controllers. Some are fairly simple to deal with, and others are very dangerous indeed.


UFO Type Beg./Exp. Vet./Gen. Super.
Small Scout000
Medium Scout000
Large Scout000
Supply Ship000
Terror Ship2-64-86-10
Alien Base1-33-55-7

Terrorist Types

Terror From the Deep

Terrorists in TFTD share the same general characteristics with those in EU. However, there are several important differences:

  • Some Terrorists are important to X-Com research. Researching any live terrorist will unlock the M.C Lab research topic. Both a living and dead Deep One are absoultely essential for researching improved armor technology. Finally, a Calcinite corpse is needed in order to research melee weapons such as the Vibro Blade.
  • Terrorists do not always associate with the same race. This is particularly true for Mixed Crew missions.
  • Each race has at least two associated terrorist species, one of which will usually be used underwater, the other on land (i.e. Terror Missions and attacks on X-Com bases).

TFTD Deployment

Alien Sub Type Beg./Exp. Vet./Gen. Super.
Survey Ship000
Heavy Cruiser000
Fleet Supply Cruiser000
Alien Colony???
Artefact Site???

TO DO: check game files for info on Alien Colonies and Artefact Sites.

TFTD Terrorist types

  • Calcinite: Accompanies Aquatoids and Mixed Crew missions on land. Powerful melee attack, no ranged weapon.
  • Hallucinoid: Accompanies Aquatoids underwater and defends Alien Colonies and Artefact Sites. Melee attack, no ranged weapon. Can "fly". Low threat.
  • Deep One: Accompanies Gillmen and Mixed Crew missions on land. Very rarely one may appear underwater. Weak alien, but has strong mortar-type weapon that cannot be recovered by X-Com.
  • Xarquid: Accompanies Gillmen underwater, and Mixed Crews both underwater and on land. Tough, "flying" alien armed with sniper-type weapon.
  • Triscene: Accompanies Tasoths and Mixed Crew missions on land. Tough as a tank and armed with dual Sonic Cannons.
  • Bio Drone: Accompanies Tasoths, Lobster Men, and Mixed Crews on land. Basically a miniature Cyberdisk. Very dangerous.
  • Tentaculat: Accompanies Tasoths, Lobster Men and Mixed Crews underwater. Also found defending Alien Colonies and Artefact Sites. Very rarely one may appear when the aliens attack your base. Basically a flying Chryssalid. Very dangerous.

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