The Martian Solution

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The Martian Solution research topic.

Our research now points to Mars as the base of alien operations. The base is well hidden, and contains all the manufacturing and cloning facilities to fuel the infiltration of earth. It also seems to contain a controlling computer of some kind that controls the whole operation. It seems that the hive-like alien society has some kind of 'queen bee'. This is their fundamental weakness - if we can eliminate the 'brain' then the body will die. We must step up our research efforts before it is too late. In order to progress we must capture the highest ranking Aliens - the commanders - which only reside in alien bases.


  • This research item becomes available after first researching Alien Origins, then interrogating a live Alien Leader. Any Leaders "researched" prior to determining the Alien Origins will not contribute to the availability of the Solution project.
  • While the topic tells you that commanders are only found in bases, this is not true. A Battleship will also possess a Commander, as will a Base Defence mission (which uses a Battleship crew).
  • Once you've researched The Martian Solution, the aliens become more pro-active in dealing with X-Com. For the rest of the game, an Alien Retaliation mission is scheduled each month in addition to the aliens' other activities, targetting the earliest-built X-Com base that doesn't already have a Retaliation mission active.

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